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  1. 2 players - Easy - Core-Box & Stretch Goals "A scenario for two players, featuring Zogar Sag and 3 picts warriors as his allies. The shaman have to search a child in the village, with the risk to encounter Conan and Balthus instead!" Download Jhebbal-Sag's-child.pdf
  2. 2 players - Hard - King Box & Stretch Goals "A love-story, in which our valiant Belit will go, alone, in the castle of his father, to deliver a pirate prince, object of her sweet feelings. This scenario was conceived for The-overlord scenario contest #1, with the theme Valentine's Day." Download LoversOfAsgalun.pdf
  3. 3 players - Normal - Barbarian Box + SG "A scenario featuring Hadratus and Taurus, who try to plunder old ruins guarded by undeads. A stop-or-again system, with many surprises for the heroes!" Download The_Sepulcher.pdf
  4. Campaign - 4 players - Hard - Barbarian Box + SG + add-on Black Dragons "A campaign of three scenarios. Featuring Pallantides, Pelias and Taurus, accompanied by Black Dragons, who will try to stop the coming of the abominable Thaug, invoked by Zogar Sag, on Earth. The elements acquired in the first two acts make it easier to overcome the Abomination of the Black River, invoked by the shaman." Download: Campaign_TheAbominationOfTheBlackRiver_introduction.pdf Campaign_TheAbominationOfTheBlackRiver_part1.pdf Campaign_TheAbominationOfTheBlackRiver_part2.pdf Campaign_TheAbominationOfTheBlackRiver_part3.pdf
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