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  1. Errors that MUST be addressed: P 8: Promontory - The word is not in common use and does not align with what you are trying to define here. Common use term could be Catwalk. I suggest you find another term that will be less confusing. Also the rules point to page 21 for an explanation and while elevation is gone over on 21 it says nothing about Promontory which is confusing. P14 Tonfa: this should be changed to Baton, or nightstick. P29 Elite Command on the bottom right is in French and need to be expanded and defined in English. Errors that Should be addressed: P6: Under Hero Boards: Bat-Tablets are not mentioned on page 10. P7: Under Areas: Elevation level is not explained on page 43 and Occupation Limit has a different heading which is slightly confusing. I do not think it was intended to be in that section as it is described on page 7 P7 Area P29 Suggest capitalizing Elite Command to make reference easy. P30 Under Villain’s Turn: The last sentence should be rewritten for clarity, suggested: The Villain can activate 0, 1 or two tiles each turn. P32: 6 Second Movement Step: Needs to say something about if the unit is able to move twice. Also the opening sentence could be simplified to say something like: The villain may declare a movement for a character that follows the same rules as a hero. P44 Enemy and Ally: Should have a bit of leading description here to help players understand this is initially confusing. Something like, the terms of enemy and ally can be relative to determine if a miniature is an enemy or ally use the following: P 46 possessor wording sounds odd in English. Please consider using a word such as owner. Confusing wording that could be improved for clarity: P6: Under miniatures. There are three different colors of miniatures: P6: Under Energy. Change quantity to amount. P6: Turn Tracker and Turn Marker: The turn marker is placed on the turn track which is numbered from 0 to 12. The turn track shows the number of turns played in a mission. At the start of each mission the turn marker will be placed at 0. P6 Life Point markers: change the that to a which P7: Under Difficult and Dangerous Terrain: remove the words “rugged and” P8: Under Game Turn Structure: Remove playing from the first sentence. Change (there is no notion of playing round-the-table) to (player turns do not pass around the table), Remove the but following the bracket it is unneeded and sounds strange. Suggested rewrite of the entire paragraph is as follows. The heroes’ side and the villain’s side take turns. The side with the starting initiative is specified by the mission. The heroes’ side does not act according to defined player order (player turns do not pass around the table, instead heroes’ have the freedom to coordinate their actions. For example a hero can carry out their chosen actions and then allow another hero to perform actions. This new hero can then carry out any number of actions they wish before allowing another hero to perform actions including the previous hero. The heroes’ turn continues until all heroes decide to they have finished their turn. This can happen because they no longer have energy cubes available or because they wish to save their energy for a future turn. Once the heroes declare they are finished, it becomes the villain’s turn. The villain may play 0, 1, or two tiles in the river(see explanation on page 28) to activate their characters or tigger events. Each character tile represents a miniature or group of miniatures that the villain controls when activating the tile. The villain’s turn ends when they have completed 0, 1 or two tile activations. Play then alternates from heroes to villains and back until a game-ending condition is met. P19: Automatic Manipulations: Suggest changing “They can only” to Automatic Manipulations include: P19 and others: When discussing the exertion limit the following sentence is often used. If the exertion limit has already been reached, the action ends immediately. Suggested change to: If the exertion limit has been reached the action may not be taken. Or is not allowed. P20 and others: Falling. Falling is thought of as something that is accidental. You trip and fall or you were pushed and fall. Perhaps the idea of dropping down would be more in line with the theme. P 25: Under Hero encumbrance total: Suggested rewrite. A hero’s encumbrance total is the total of all encumbrance values of the equipment they are carrying. P28:Under the Command Post: Suggested rewrite: The Command post is used by the villain to control their troops and events. P28: Under 3 Recovery Value: Suggested rewrite: Shows the amount of energy that is moved from the fatigue zone (3) to the recovery zone (2) during the Upkeep Villain step. The value is defined by the mission. P28: Under 7 Life Point Track: Suggested Rewrite: Indicates the remaining life points of characters who start with more than one life point. P37 Dredging the River: Instead of At any moment, use At any time
  2. RichC

    Draft Rules EN

    Monolith please hire someone to do your English rules or you are going to have another Conan disaster on your hands. The first sentence proves you need someone in this role. I am happy to help.
  3. RichC

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Is there a digital version already available in English?

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