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  1. Says you joined 6 hours ago, you needed to register before Jan 15 on this forum to qualify.
  2. You need to log into fluent with the same email you registered with on the forum. Double check the email you registered with.
  3. Thanks SentMa...I just realised there was a typo in the email I had registered on this forum with...it reads hormail instead of Hotmail... I would hate it miss out on this because of such a silly mistake. I am unable to register to fluentpm with this as hormail does not exist...anything that can be done? Will it do me any good to change the email now on this site?
  4. @SentMa I had registered well before the 15th but have not gotten my email yet. Is there a delay to send out all the emails?
  5. Haven't received my email yet, should I have gotten it already or should I wait?
  6. When will I receive the email after registration?
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