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  1. Well, in the end I was able to order 3x Issue 2, 1x issue 3 and 3x issue 4, so my friends and I are very happy . Very happy with how Monolith managed everything and the final result.
  2. EZpath, that's what I said, that we can now order old issues, including number 2, in english for the first time
  3. Ok, I'm not sure if this is the correct subforum to ask this, but... is there a downloadable/printable version of the campaign sheets (pages 13-15)? If not, I myself will do one, so ther i no need to photocopy directly from the book, wich could damage it (an also do it printer friendly, B/W).
  4. Matt John said at the comments of the Batman KS page that he will look what can be done about a PDF version.
  5. Hi, kpitaine-crochet. Matt John already told in the KS comments that the shipping is more expensive because the first time there were a lot of problems (so it is implied this time it uses a better system).
  6. I would like to know about the shipping service before ordering, as to Spain, Magazines 2 and 4 plus shipping cost a total of 19$. I had no problem when I ordered number 1 and 3 from Philibert, but the first magazine I ordered came all bent (thats why I bought it again), as seen here:
  7. Yes, but your post is in French, and I suposse a lot of people will not be able to understand it
  8. With the Overlord Magazine Issue 4 now on Fluent, there is the option to buy the previous magazines , including the second one, in english. Unfortunately, the shipping is very high, and you only can add an extra copy of issue 4, so at the end you cant buy multiples for friends.
  9. Thank you! I'm reading the description and it says that the size is 15*8*4cm. So this is the size of the toy, or the package it came in?
  10. I would really like a new version of King Conan. Yes, I know we already have a lot of Conan versions, two of them as a king: Amra (wich should have been a better name for a pirate Conan, maybe the one in the Brom box) and Parente's King Conan... but the two of them are on the small size of the scale for my taste. I barely played the Age of Conan MMORPG, but there are two things from that game that I always liked: the music (I bought the CD just to listen to it while painting the miniatures) ant the art/designs (a lot of them were wisely used by Monolith), and the King Conan from the videogame (similar to the one from the failes Rise of Monsters game) will be nice to have in miniature form (it doesn't even need rules, we can use it to substitute other versions). Maybe it could even apear in a little Age of Conan collaboration/Aquilonian expansion, with a proper Zenobia, a new version of Pallantides and the Black Dragons (one with the roman style usualy seen in the comics, even if is not really what Howard meant, other deviations were already made by Monolith, and it will just be an alternative version), or even Keaira from the same videogame (more female heroes should be nice).
  11. Hello everyone, The dragon was one of the few products I did not get during the KS (hoping to get it later at retail). I hope it will be offered again (along with the Brom box, the scenery set I can live without), but in case it doesn't, and to play the scenario, I would like to know the size a proxy should have. The dragon has no base, but I guess that a miniature in a base should have a similar bulk. So, can anyone measure the space between the feet of his dragon? In cm if possible, but inches will sufice. Also, does anyone think the Swamp Raptor from Shadows of Brimstone could make a good proxy? I think it's not as bulky as the Monolith one, but with a big enough base it may be good enough. Thanks
  12. Hi Psicologofabio, No, there are not versions of the Conan characters for MBP. It would have been great to have a proper crossover, a little box ("Mythic Battles: Hyborian Age", maybe?) with Crom, Set and Mitra miniatures (for example), boards and cards for the Heroes, Monsters and Troops in the Conan game. At least we will have a VS mode (Batman style) with the second edition.
  13. So, all 3 compendiums will be available to order? I alredy got the first one, but it came heavily damaged (as seenon page 27 of the other thread). Will I be able to get a replacement one then?
  14. Hello, a Spain user here. My book had just arrived, buy it came heavily bent and damaged. Would it be possible to receive a new one? Where do I have to send a message? Here (http://www.monolithedition.com/en/contact/), maybe? Thank you very much.
  15. I just registered to get the english compendium, and wanted to thank Monolith and the autors of the adventures: Thank you all!
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