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  1. Here are some more pictures that a user on Thingiverse sent me of his print. I think it looks fantastic! The print has been verified by several users now, everything seems to work well.
  2. The image of the river tile tray is the two part one. The picture with the river tile tray and dice/card tray in the box doesn't have the smaller tray under it, so those would sit flush to each other. The Card/Dice tray will hold unsleeved cards horizontally, we made a new card tray that can hold sleeved cards stacked as well.
  3. Hi Gonthing, yes, I am having one printed now. Also several others are printing to verify. I have made a few tweaks based on their suggestions and update the files as we go. The only changes so far are to offer alternate card trays for sleeves cards. Also, I started another Design on thingiverse with some of the bigger parts already split for people that have smaller printers. There are also several pictures on Facebook in "the batman gaming group". I will try to post some here when I get home.
  4. Not sure if this is the proper place for this post, but I wanted to share this for anyone looking for a storage solution and has a 3D Printer. I uploaded an insert on thingiverse, check it out. I haven't printed it and tested it, so fair warning! It fits all chits/tokens, tiles, dice and cards from all the expansions into the hero core box. It replaces the top side tray and the middle foam insert.
  5. Not blaming them for postage issues. I have never been able to get one sent to me. I followed all the instructions and never have been emailed a link to the pledge manager for any of the compendiums. I think this is a dumb way to distribute these. I also didn't like how they handled the Mythic Battles reprint. Also not crazy about them using kickstarter as a store for claustrophobia. I will do the only thing I can and vote with my wallet, or "not vote" so to speak.
  6. Now they are handing them out at GenCon and they are not in the pledge manager as far as I can tell. I'm really sick of Monolith. Not backing their next game and actually a bit sorry I backed Batman. I haven't been happy with how they handle most things.
  7. So whats happening with this? The original post said a "couple of weeks". Did I still not get an email? This method of releasing these scenarios is really dumb. I have to randomly check back to this thread until I find out that I missed it. Really frustrating.
  8. I like some of those ideas, in particular the deployment, it is painful to spend one of those cards to just place the model on the board! I also like the leader fix and agree that I don't think I have ever used it.
  9. Footbalzs, my trouble is, I registered in the forum for the first compendium and never got an email. I have a fluent account and get emails from kickstarter projects.
  10. Crap, I just realized how old this forum was. Sentma, what does this mean? "Do not hesitate to talk about it, and I remind you to register on the forum for the invitation. : Wizard:" Am I supposed to register for the compendium somewhere? Have I missed the second compendium already? Why don't I get an email???
  11. I really would like the opportunity to get these compendiums. I have an account here, it has my email address in it, and it matches the email I use with Fluent. I have recieved emails from fluent when those projects needed to have the shipping paid and finalize the pledge (conan, Mythic Battles, and batman). However, I never received an email about the compendium last time, I really hope it works this time. I don't understand why there can't be a better way to set this up so we don't have to sit and hope for an email.
  12. Sentma: I have an account, with fluent, with this email address. Also, I followed every step that was laid out in the conan kickstarter update that was sent out. I made an account, came to this forum, read everything available at the time. I had done everything I "needed" to do. It didn't say "check back and read this whole forum every day." There could have been another update sent out to Conan backers or something. I get it, I missed it. Apparently it was my fault some how. I just think there should be an easier way. This was a cool thing that monolith did, but executed poorly.
  13. This is really lame. I registered on this forum and used the same email as I have will all of my conan stuff and all of my kickstarter stuff and I did not receive an email from fluent, or an email saying that I should get an email. Now I won't get this compendium. This is crap. Next time can you do this in some more reliable way? I am really disappointed and frankly bummed that you guys now have Mythic Battles.
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