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  1. BatNick

    Suggestions for variant rules

    I like some of those ideas, in particular the deployment, it is painful to spend one of those cards to just place the model on the board! I also like the leader fix and agree that I don't think I have ever used it.
  2. BatNick

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Footbalzs, my trouble is, I registered in the forum for the first compendium and never got an email. I have a fluent account and get emails from kickstarter projects.
  3. BatNick

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Crap, I just realized how old this forum was. Sentma, what does this mean? "Do not hesitate to talk about it, and I remind you to register on the forum for the invitation. : Wizard:" Am I supposed to register for the compendium somewhere? Have I missed the second compendium already? Why don't I get an email???
  4. BatNick

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    I really would like the opportunity to get these compendiums. I have an account here, it has my email address in it, and it matches the email I use with Fluent. I have recieved emails from fluent when those projects needed to have the shipping paid and finalize the pledge (conan, Mythic Battles, and batman). However, I never received an email about the compendium last time, I really hope it works this time. I don't understand why there can't be a better way to set this up so we don't have to sit and hope for an email.
  5. BatNick

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Sentma: I have an account, with fluent, with this email address. Also, I followed every step that was laid out in the conan kickstarter update that was sent out. I made an account, came to this forum, read everything available at the time. I had done everything I "needed" to do. It didn't say "check back and read this whole forum every day." There could have been another update sent out to Conan backers or something. I get it, I missed it. Apparently it was my fault some how. I just think there should be an easier way. This was a cool thing that monolith did, but executed poorly.
  6. BatNick

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    This is really lame. I registered on this forum and used the same email as I have will all of my conan stuff and all of my kickstarter stuff and I did not receive an email from fluent, or an email saying that I should get an email. Now I won't get this compendium. This is crap. Next time can you do this in some more reliable way? I am really disappointed and frankly bummed that you guys now have Mythic Battles.