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  1. Dangerousbeans

    Monolith.... Buffy?

    I agree that simply rehashing the same old stuff is a bit lazy, but I'm like Doucefeuille. I play Conan for the narrative elements and cinematic moments. The system is too good to just be tied down to two games, both of which are very finite. I would also enjoy Fallout, just FYI.
  2. Dangerousbeans

    Monolith.... Buffy?

    I love Conan. The system, quality, atmosphere...... It's amazing. I was lucky enough to get a demo of GCC tonight and it was fantastic. The streamlining of rules, addition of subtle changes to existing rules, it felt really fresh and felt different from Conan, despite being essentially the same. Great job! I then got to talking with the monolith rep about possible future IPs that could work in this games system and one idea, in my mind, stood out above all others; Buffy. Buffy would work amazingly well with this system and with enough to change the game to justify it, rather than just reskinning. It has some tech, magic, and an emphasis on teamwork that outweighs that of Conan or Bats. There's also a huge wealth of options. Each series of Buffy introduced so many memorable characters and locations..... the cemetery, the bronze, the school, the library, the initiative, Buffy's house, the hellmouth...... and so many great demons and "big bads". It could be expanded with Angel as well. I genuinely believe that Buffy would make a wonderful setting for the system, and can't think of a better way to bring Buffy to the table top! Anyone with me? I'm prepared to March on monolith HQ to get this made.
  3. Dangerousbeans

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    This is great. I love you, Monolith. X

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