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  1. Conan tiles from Mythic Battles: Pantheon

    Here are a few tiles of characters from MB:P, for use in Conan 🙂


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  2. Riding Thunder River

    This is an Adventure Mode scenario in which Conan, Heracles, Atalanta and Pelias must try to save a priestess from Zogar Sag's diabolical ritual. In order to reach her in time, the heroes must take to the river on a raft, while under constant attack by Picts. Fortunately the heroes have the aid of several wolves and a lion running along the riverbanks to help flush out their enemies. But can they save the priestess before Zogar Sag's evil plan is complete?
    Additional content this scenario requires beyond the core box: Conan King Pledge (Conan's Lion) and Stretch Goals box (Conan the Wanderer and Pelias, Pict Warriors and Pict Archers), Conqueror (the raft), Mythic Battles: Pantheon and Corinthia Conan crossover (Heracles, Atalanta, Circe's Wolves), and two of the Modiphius Conan Map Tile sets: Fields of Glory and Perilous Ruins.


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  3. Conan-The Others: 7 Sins Crossover

    These are 20 Conan Tiles (in English and French versions) as well as Pawns for Leaders, Monsters, and Minions from the game The Others: 7 Sins. The art from that game was also by Adrian Smith, the same artist as Conan. These are useful for creating custom Conan scenarios featuring Demonic forces for the Overlord.
    Some ideas for special rules for the demon minions (in addition to their ability icons)...
    Children of Ajujo -- Stench: Heroes in the same space regain 1 fewer gem from fatigue to reserve at the start of their turn.
    Hags of Hell -- Distraction: Heroes in the same space cannot make any ranged attacks.
    Horrors -- Terror: Heroes must use 1 extra movement point to enter their space.
    Crawlers -- Pounce: When attacking webbed Heroes, add 1 extra yellow die with reroll to their attack.
    Sons of Nergal -- Acid Blood: When killed, cause area attack of 1 orange and 1 yellow die against any Heroes in their space.
    Screamers -- Shriek: Heroes in the same space must pay 1 extra gem to cast each spell.
    Rippers -- Shred: When attacking Heroes wearing armor (passive defense), reduce Heroes' passive defense by 1.


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