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  1. This kind of support and cross over between games is always appreciated. This is why I was hoping that in the Ragnarok pledge manager there will be an option to buy just the Mythic Battles dashboards and cards for the Pantheon figures that were included in Conan the Conqueror (Typhon, Typhon’s Herald, Python, Hydra). For a small fee, this would be good support by Monolith for its Conan backers (and might even entice some to back Ragnarok). Chaz, can you find out if this is possible for the Ragnarok pledge manager? Edit: Ur Shulgi told me in the Kickstarter com
  2. View File Conan tiles from Mythic Battles: Pantheon Here are a few tiles of characters from MB:P, for use in Conan 🙂 Submitter MeanBone Submitted 03/30/2021 Category Resources  
  3. Version 1.0.2


    Here are a few tiles of characters from MB:P, for use in Conan 🙂
  4. Yes Chaz, I grabbed them with a Barbarian Conqueror pledge for North America after someone dropped it. Even though I got the King Pledge in 2015, this deal was way too good to pass up. In addition to the new Conqueror box, the Barbarian pledge means 15 more dice, a second Overlord Tray for VS. mode, more minions of all types ... a ridiculous 210+ minis for ~$165. And I can always flip the duplicate heroes and boards to defray costs. Glad to see the use of SGs, as the Facebook survey by Monolith made clear that people wanted them. It adds a level of excitement and positive energy, e
  5. Good to see them bounce back, and a lot of the new content looks really enticing. I think some of your ideas would work really well, too, but it doesn't appear very likely to happen. The biggest issue that concerns me is more of a philosophical approach by Monolith that seems counterproductive, which I'll sum up briefly. Monolith is choosing to use Kickstarter, but they (or at least some at the top) seem to be opposed to the basic campaign model that Kickstarter actually does well, and it's the campaign model that worked for Monolith in 2015 with Conan for $3.33 million and with MB
  6. Hopefully they still have a couple of add-ons with new original content to keep pushing this campaign forward and unlocking stretch goals. I know Fred Henry says he isn't a fan of stretch goals, but the fact is that this is what KS backers have been trained to expect. It becomes a cycle, with a reveal of an add-on prompting backers to put in more money, which unlocks a SG, which pushes more new backers to join, which adds more money, unlocking another SG, and the new backers see the available add-ons and add more money, unlocking another SG, and so on.
  7. For those who don't visit the French side of these boards, this was posted over there on Sunday: Hello Again, Behind the scenes, the Monolith Team is working together to prepare a second offer for our faithful Sword Brothers and Sisters. The failed launch of Beyond the Monolith served as a wakeup call, and spelled a significant loss for us, but we are NOT ready to give up. We’re mobilizing as we speak, preparing to deliver a final push to get Conan back on the Road of Kings so he may again take the throne of Aquilonia and rule for years to come! So what are we proposing?
  8. I like some of these ideas. Red Nails in particular has a lot of unexplored potential, both for adventure scenarios (catacombs where Tolkemec was hiding?) as well as skirmish battles through the city of Xuchotl (which is basically what Conan and Valeria stumble upon in the story). The names sound like central American Aztec or something similar (which I'm sure inspired Howard) and would give artists and sculptors some concepts to work with.
  9. One of the things it sounded like a lot of people wanted was the original expansions (Stygia, Khitai, Nordheim). Sadly, I remember someone (Fred I believe) at Monolith saying they had to destroy a lot of those boxes (hundreds if not thousands) when a distributor canceled their order for retail sales. So that really sucks. It seems like there was more demand for Adventure Game content. Some ideas could have included a base pledge with essentials (rules, dice, tray, gems) and several new expansions: A Turan expansion with city of Aghrapur map and battlefield map? A Kush expansion wit
  10. While the leader pledge is a good deal for new people who have no previous Conan content, I would think most of the people interested in this are existing fans who bought the King pledge in 2015 or at least have the retail box. The legacy pledge doesn’t seem like a great value for them, really, and on KS, people look for value. First lesson in business: Give the people what they want.
  11. Did Valeria and Conan just get done playing Sonic the Hedgehog? 😎
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