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  1. Did Valeria and Conan just get done playing Sonic the Hedgehog? 😎
  2. Here's my Valeria, along with the other ladies of Conan I've painted so far. They can all hit the tavern for ladies night... These obviously are not good paint jobs, just speed jobs for the tabletop using base colors, an occasional highlight, and Army Painter quick shade. With so many minis to paint from way too many Kickstarters (Conan, Blood Rage, The Others, Mythic Battles, Vampire Hunters and soon to be Hate and Siege of the Citadel) I'm definitely going for speed over beauty. And at arm's length during the game (with somewhat dim lighting 😉) they look pretty good.
  3. Got on a roll, here's one more 😎
  4. Nice Tilesystem editor, SR 👍 It seems to have a few glitches, but with not too much effort I was able to whip this up.
  5. I just bought the PDF of the Monolith Source Book at modiphius.com. Only had time to do a quick glance, but looks like Matt John did a nice job with it. I assume Matt would know how he put together scenarios using the Modiphius tiles -- Photoshop, maybe?
  6. Excellent! Looks great :) Only 2 small problems I have noticed: 1, the Horrors pawn does not appear. 2, under Expansion (near the top) there is no option for "The Others: 7 Sins" to show it is required for the Scenario. Otherwise perfect :D
  7. Sounds good, I have some of the expansions so I can playtest some crossover scenarios for Conan-The Others now :D
  8. They look great, and on the tabletop, they look just as good as if you spent a week on them.
  9. drmauric, my scenario Stygian Resurrection needs play testing if you're interested. I don't have the Stygian expansion yet, getting it for Xmas, so I could use some help. Its a long scenario, sort of a Tomb of Horrors -- OK, not that long, but long for Conan. Maybe play test the upper level for starters. https://www.conan-scenarios.com/scenarioPage.php?MissionId=631
  10. Version 1.0.0


    These are 20 Conan Tiles (in English and French versions) as well as Pawns for Leaders, Monsters, and Minions from the game The Others: 7 Sins. The art from that game was also by Adrian Smith, the same artist as Conan. These are useful for creating custom Conan scenarios featuring Demonic forces for the Overlord.
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