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  1. Never got mine either. Zero responses to numerous emails to Monolith. I know exactly what they did. I responded INSTANTLY to the first email they sent out, which was an error: They sent the links to the French version to English backers. Using google translate, I navigated and filled everything out, because I figured that was just what I had to do since it was a French site/company. Half an hour later (or whatever it was), they sent the corrected links. I followed those, did the whole thing again in English, then contacted them asking them to please cancel the French pledge. They told me no problem. I never got anything. I don't know for sure that it's because of the request to cancel the FRENCH pledge, but I suspect it is. That was ENTIRELY their error: they sent the bad link. The radio silence is maddening. Oh well. Glad I downgraded Batman to $1. They'll never see a dime from me.
  2. It's still the 14th in my time zone and I just registered. Am i too late?
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