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  1. Hi all, just wondered what people’s experiences are of the scenarios and how balanced they are? We’ve just tried our first one, after dozens of standard skirmish games. We played Penthesia’s Vengeance, and it is hard to see how the Greeks are supposed to win - partly down to the lack of units with range or climb, but also the power of the favours - are we missing something? What are the other scenarios like? Are there suggested amendments to balance them?
  2. The main thing for me is that I can pick up the Hephaestus and Hera boxes. However, I’d love some new bits too - as other people have said, completing the Pantheon with Dionysus, Hestia & Demeter would be good, also Eris, Eros, Charon, Thanatos, Argus, Nix, Helen, Cassandra... I’d love another board too - maybe the Scaen Gate of Troy. oh, and Asclepius too :)
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