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  1. Hey guys. not sure where to post this to get to the devs, so posting here as well. Just saw the draft for the changes to the units, and suddenly it came to my mind why not give Arache and Circe leader talents? That way, they could control their troops without depending on other leaders for activations. To keep it balanced, make it so that the leader talent only applies to their personal troops, much like how artemis’s hounds only gain the guard talent when protecting artemis. This will make their troops more of an asset instead of a burden, especially if youre not running a deck with leader capabilities. Just throwing this idea into the air. what do you guys think? hope this gets to the devs. XD
  2. I've already mentioned this to Erwan but just to put it on record, hope the Extension Kit (6 omphalos, 6 omphalos cards, 12 AOW cards) get reprinted without the black borders for better consistency. Many thanks!:)

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