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    Hi, I backed Conan and Mythic Battles and I am looking forward to Batman. I just have 1 concern. I hope they fix the most annoying thing about the Conan system, fixed heroes and fixed equipment based on the scenario. I hate that. Other than that, the Conan system is great and is really fun. The Batman theme is a perfect fit for the Conan system. I just hate that they add all these extra characters, which is great, but you either have to make up your own scenarios for them or play the one mission that uses them. Being able to switch up heroes adds to the replayability of missions and players aren't stuck with a character they do not like. Starting equipment be can be handled in many ways to maintain balance. a point system or even just offering a few starting equipment lists and the player picks one would work. I find the current Conan method of fixed heroes and fixed equipment so annoying that it would be a showstopper for me if that is how it works in Batman. Otherwise, I am all in.

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