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  1. - Can units adjacent to a ship Retaliate against an attack made from a unit on that ship, that would ordinarily have a range of 0. - When a ship rams a wreck, is the wreck treated like a unit and moved to an adjacent area? - If a ship performs a ram on an area containing multiple units, must they all be moved to the same adjacent area?
  2. - Can Charybdis perform two simple actions and then use the Groundswell power, or does Groundswell count as both simple actions for the activation? - Can Charybdis use Groundswell to move into an area containing a Wreck token, and if so, is it outright destroyed (like a terrain piece) or moved to an adjacent area (like a unit) - How does Groundswell interact with Ships? Must the Charybdis player choose to attack the ship or the units on it as with a normal attack on a ship? If so, how does moving the ship/units work? - Can a ship perform a Ram on Charybdis
  3. - How do players interact with the sea chest tokens? Do they reveal them on entering the space or must a claim action be used to reveal them? - How do players interact with the message, once it has been identified? Does it follow the rules for an Omphalos (with the exception of absorbing)? - The special rules say that "Poseidon's units are recalled to the isle.". Does that mean all the Poseidon player's units can be recalled, or just the Sirens? - If Charybdis uses Groundswell to move to an area with a Sea Chest token, is it treated like an Omphalos and moved to an
  4. - If a unit takes damage from a Rockfall and is forced to move, does it drop any Omphalos it is carrying? - If units from multiple players take damage from a Rockfall, in what order should the resulting movement of the units be resolved? Active player first? Non-active player? - Can you use Guard or other defensive Powers/Talents against damage from Rockfall (Achilles Endurance for example)? If so, do you still need to move a unit if it takes no damage? - Can Atalanta be targeted by Rockfall before she joins a side? If so, who decides where she moves to if she is wounded?
  5. The rules for this scenario, state that the Omphalos cannot be moved. So, does claiming the Omphalos count as moving it? I presume no, but would be good to get an official answer.
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