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  1. I missed the first ks and will like to see all the items being re-printed and offered again. Hopefully with more Conan cross-over stuff and new materials such as gods, demi-gods, titans, monsters, troopers, scenarios, etc.
  2. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Did you try closing the browser and login in once more?
  3. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    I have this same issue but managed to solve it but re-login and re-flash the site.
  4. Post KS Sales

    Me too waiting for the expansions and add-ons to be available.
  5. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Signed up. Can't wait to get this book!!! Checking email...
  6. Denis