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  1. Hi all! I know its just a draft but couldn't help to comment anyways. I have a question regarding the check for energy cube limit that happens in the middle of each hero action. Haven't read the rules for Conan so there are probably a reason for it to be there: why do you check this in the middle of the action instead of having it as a prerequisite for using the action? I think it would be easier to teach and remember in that way. So if I declare that I want to do a melee attack, and in step 3 when spending energy cubes realise that I can't, I should follow the arrow down to the last step of ending the action. This could be a dire mistake when playing Versus and you have a limited amount of actions each turn. In most cases though the opponent would just let you revert that action and do another thing but still. EDIT: my mistake for the versus mode, it works differently there, but my point is still relevant I think. Could remove an extra step in all of the hero actions.
  2. After having read the latest update they are actually writing in the scenario that tokens are used for unarmed bombs and exchanged for the 3d models when armed! That made me happy! Great work with integrating the stretch goals in a clear way Monolith!
  3. Yeah I guess you are right @Touchfuzzy I will probably go for the tokens and change them out to the 3D model after being armed in that case, and if I understood you right @SentMa the 3D models represent an armed bomb anyways so that makes sense. Thanks!
  4. Adding it here in case this question got lost in all the comments on the KS page. So how will this actually work? The ordinary bomb tokens that you could just flip from unarmed to armed makes perfect sense for this mechanic, so how would you accomplish this with a 3D model? And are these 3D models going to replace the tokens or just added as extras? (for the sake of gameplay I would currently prefer to play with the tokens)

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