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  1. BertD

    Mission booklet

    Just to confirm the Art in the Rulebook will be the same in French or English version right? Cause right now some pages are really different or not there at all in the French version ...
  2. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Thanks, I think I will go with Citadel's paint for now and Try it, they have Shade paint , I think it will be more easy for me to use those shade paint than creating my own and applying washes
  3. BertD

    Painting Minis

    @Epaka My Man! 😄 I definitely want my Batman minis to have bright color for some like Yellow or The blue cape etc.. I'll still probably use AP strong tone for some of the minis but... it will be better to have a Yellow Shader or a red one if I want brighter color,correct? what brand to you use for that? Army Painter's Quickshade kit or Citadel shade kit , is their more out there?? https://www.amazon.ca/Nontoxic-Miniature-Washes-Dropper-Bottles/dp/B0714QL55V/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1544715583&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=army+painter+shade https://www.amazon.ca/Citadel-Paint-Shade-Set/dp/B00KOD3FM8/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys&ie=UTF8&qid=1544716392&sr=1-1&keywords=citadel+shade
  4. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Thank you , My Captain! 😂 I was talking about the big pot , but My intention was not to dip the model in it , more like applying the shade with my brush but if I want to apply the AP' Quickshade strong tone with my brush is better to buy the dropper bottle washes instead. am I correct? I don't have an airbrush (not planing on buying one) so I like the fact that I can use Vallejo Model Air acrylic-polyurethane primers with my brush my question about that is... If I paint a Light color Like Yellow or something in fire (orange-red-yellow-White) I'm wondering if the Quickshade is too "dark" to be apply and I'm better if I use for exemple a Citadel Light Shade or something like that ! after many tutorial videos I think ill try them first since its cold here (-34) this morning .... Feelsbadman 😆 how much time does it take to dry compare to a Aerosol Primer? 10 minutes? 30minutes? Thanks guys!
  5. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Hey Guys , Quick Question , Can I use the Quickshade "Strong Tone" Army Painter on all of my minis for batman for exemple? or its better to use Color Shade from Vallejo or Citadel? Thanks!
  6. BertD

    Painting Minis

    EDIT : I Know that I need to do my testing by myself. but your advice are greatly appreciate guys 😄 thanks a lot
  7. BertD

    Painting Minis

    I imagine Brush primer is not as fast as Aerosol Primer , but work better? At least we don't care about the humidity with brush primer?... its Winter here at least -20 everyday ! Can't wait for April ... do you think we will get a delay in the shipping 😛 I expect May or even june ! don't know about Monolith but every Kickstarter campaign I back for now are 1 or 2 months late! ^^
  8. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Okok, thank you. I probably won't have Reaper'S bone line after I paint my last one, I ordered the Learn to paint Kit , to test if I would like that or not ! Games like BGCC and okko Chronicles , Monumental , ReichBuster .. etc.. react well to Primer normally , its all plastic minis anyway right?
  9. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Ya @Epaka I didnt realize it was Fur at the bottom of the Chainmail until it was too late ... I just let it be and skip to a next one, people always tell me to NOT being over perfectionism ... so... thanks for the great comments I'll go with you @garbetsp and check for the red sable and a couple of cheap brushes @Epaka i Saw a couple videos about the Rust-Oleum aerosol , it has good reviews I'll surely try it before buying a Citadel One at 50$ I presume they have Grey White and Black primer..! :) for the paint I'll go for the Vallejo starter kit : https://www.amazon.ca/Vallejo-Basic-Colors-Paint-17ml/dp/B009162PWU Thanks!
  10. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Another quick Question , I'm watching a lot of Video of Miniac and other youtubers.. Just wondering .. what type of Primer do you guys use? I don't have an Airbrush , i'm looking for an Aerosol can , miniac suggest Armory Black or White and Citadel Black Chaos... do I need to pay 30$ for a Primer or the one at Walmart for 8$ will do the tricks? Have a good night! 😄
  11. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Thank You Guys, for now I Just do my Shade ink by myself for the first miniatures... probably gonna go for the citadel Shade paint , I imagine that Citadel is a great Company for those Ink ? (base Kit, Layer kit etc..) eventually I'll need to buy some .. For Now I have the Reaper Starter Paint kit , is it better for me to stay with that type of paint? Where are u guys buying your Brushes? (I need to buy on Internet) is their a Quality or a Type of Brushes I need to Avoid ? Really appreciate all of your Tips and tricks Guys! 😄 @Epaka I will Post my BGCC On here for sure! 🙂 Ill look for the App Strawhat , unfortunatly I dont have an Android , I'll wait for the IOS version . If you guys wanted to give your honest opinion on this and tell me what Can i do to be better , Feel Free Thanks have a Good night Folks! 😄
  12. BertD

    Painting Minis

    thanks a lot guys, really helpful , I start painting tonight for the first time , Went pretty well Had fun with my wife .. Just wondering... is their any "type" of Painting that does a better job for Exemple : "superhero theme" of "Zombie Theme" "Comic Book theme" etc.. or Can i do all of this with Basic vallejo paint or something like that? thanks for all of those advice , u guys rock! 🙂 EDIT: I will definitely Posted my painted Batman Minis Here! 😄
  13. BertD

    Painting Minis

    Thank you Very much guys for those advices Just a question for Epaka , u talk about the Shader .. quote: Next up, the shade layer. Ink Shaders are a thin, watery liquid that comes in different colors and darkness/strengths. Get a basic set. I have an Army Painter set that has been great, and wasn’t too expensive on Amazon. That one set has lasted for 100’s of minis. The real dirty secret with mini painting is that the shading step can do a LOT of the work. Especially for beginners. If you get the basic colors on a mini (the hands and face are flesh colored, clothing it’s own colors, swords and guns another metallic paint color), you’ll be shocked what a simple coat of shader will do! It fills in all the details by gathering as a dark shadow in all the recessed areas of the figure. It is my favorite step of the process. It is like turning the focus ring on a camera, suddenly your mini takes on a lifelike appearance. the Ink Shaders are apply after my mini is fully painted right? Do I just put the "ink Shaders" all over the mini to cover all of the parts?(arms , clothing, weapons.. etc) I will look at the Youtube channel u suggest For the pratice I bought the Reaper Mini Core Skills for Basecoat Washing and Drybrushing (cpmes with 3 minis that I can pratice on) , didnt try it yet (are u famillair with it? ) want to know.. is it essential to do the Drybrushing ? is this the same thing as the "ink Shader" u mentionned above? thanks alot guys!
  14. Just want to know if people will paint and Post those minis here ? I will looking forward to paint my minis but it will be the first time for me anyone will give tips .. tricks ... paint to use for special colors... like the Venom for bane or those kinds of thing ? Just wondering where to begin? is their a "shop" online that's better than another, better paint ? better primer? what are the steps for painting a mini ? I watch Youtube video a lot... but I would really like some people to talk to about that! Sry if my english is messed up not my Initial language! Thanks Guys! 🙂

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