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  1. Unistrut

    Base Sizes?

    Hello! I made a 3D printed painting clamp with interchangeable clamps for different sizes of bases and someone asked me to make some for Monolith miniatures. However, I don't own any, so I have no idea what size bases are used. Could someone who has them measure them for me? If the base is circular or square I need to know: The height of the base The outside diameter of the bottom of the base The outside diameter of the top of the base If the base is oval the best way I've found to model the proper gripper is to measure the base across it's narrowest axis and then take a picture of it from directly above (on graph paper if you want to be fancy). Not all "Oval" bases are exact ellipses and that helps me get the curve correct. I've attached a drawing to help make sure we get the correct measurements.
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