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  1. お疲れさま。If I'm not wrong, with this file you completed the localization of MBP in Japanese, right? That's quite impressive!
  2. Indeed, I didn't pay enough attention. Now it's included, thanks for your help.
  3. 3 players - Difficult - SGs + Kushite Witch-Hunters "In the city of Shumballah, capital of Kush, the tensions are rising between the Gallah, the original inhabitants of the country, and the ruling caste know as Chagas, descending from Stygian adventurers who longed to create their own kingdom. When Tananda, sister of the King and effective ruler of the kingdom, leaves the wall of El Shebbeh, the inner city, to go hunting, she goes through Punt, where the Gallah lives. There Ageera, the Gallah witch-finder, appears before her, and stirs up the crowd anger. Soon enough Tanada’s escort is killed by the mob. This happens just as Conan arrives in Shumballah, and while soldiers from El Shebbeh are trying to make their way." Conan - The Shumballah Insurrection - v2.pdf
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