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  1. So has no one played this scenario? Question - When That-Aman unleashes The Plague of Stygia must he a) have LOS to the area, and b) target areas on the ship??? Seems to me the answer is yes to both.
  2. There is someone selling these on etsy
  3. Anyone played this scenario? I have a group coming over later this month and we've chosen this scenario as our first of the night. Thoughts on strategy for the Overlord and Players, rules questions or dilemmas anyone has experienced would be appreciated. I will post an AAR following our game. v/r
  4. A little complex but play is fun The Red Tower of Shamballa v2.pdf
  5. This is essentially a free round of range attacks for the archers since they're the only units "Able" to perform ranged attacks, correct?
  6. So it is possible for the hero in this scenario to win without ever fighting Thak's. I played this evening and the first priest interrogated was the lowest number and with the Reinforcements Special Rule limiting the number of reinforcements; Conan simply hacked his way through with the aid of an explosive orb found in the first treasure chest. Fun but kind of anti-climatic.
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