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    [Rules] In the clutches of the picts

    Hello, I am trying to play "In the Clutches of the Picts" on Dec. 31, 2018 at 7:00 pm Pacific time When I activate a unit in the River, how many figures to I deploy for each of the following units: Pict Hunters (blue) Zogar Sag Pict Warriors (blue) Hyenas Pict Hunters (green) Giant Snake Pict Hunters (red) How do "Reinforcements" work? What does " 4 Reinforcement Points" mean? What do the three flame icons on the board mean? Thank you, Paolo PBarone714@gmail.com
  2. Devious

    [Rules] Hunting the tigress

    Hello, In the “Hunting the Tigress” Scenario, it says “Chests... The asset deck contains 3 Life Potions, 1 Explosive Orb, 1 Crossbow.” What is an asset deck? What is in each chest? Do I put one item from the asset deck into each chest? What’s the difference between red and blue gems? What are the red gems used for? Thanks, Paolo Barone PBarone714@gmail.com

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