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    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    I hope some news come very soon. I'd love to buy all three compendia (missed #1 at KS, unfortunately), in printed English version. Probably I'll also buy PDF editions at philibertnet.com, just in case.
  2. Adam Hart

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    I'd surely do the same 🙂
  3. Adam Hart

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    As for the 2019 campaign expansions, I'd propose the following: - reprint of all original expansions, add-ons and guest boxes for everybody who couldn't buy them before (the same goes for free updates for backer like Rulebook 2.0 - I bought my God Pledge at the second-hand market and couldn't ever acquire the update)... I personally still lack few of them and I'd like to have all, so... I guess there will be many players who share my approach, right? people? - adding the so-long-awaited solo expansion (relatively easy to implement to cooperative and semi-cooperative board games)... in my humble opinion it 's the last thing (besides some additional expansions of course) to make Conan a perfect game - developing new expansions... what would I propose, as an old lover of REH's Conan books and an expert to Hyborian Age lore? well, Conan definitely needs the most three expansions focused on three very important aspects of Conan's life: 1) marine/pirate-themed expansion focused on Conan's adventures with Belit, piracy at the Vilayet Sea and so on (a map with the shore and some fortress by the sea to capture from the ship would be very nice too)... 2) thief/plunderer-themed expansion related to thieving and plundering... (a map of some exotic temple in the jungle or some old forgotten tomb would be grat for this one) 3) kingship-themed expansion referring to the kingship of Aquilonia and all the Conan's road to the throne... as for other expansions... I guess there are many interesting regions to explore - I'd start with Turan & Iranistan... and Shem too... to have some steppe and semi-desert open terrain maps... - more characters!!! there were so many great characters in REH's Conan stories to use... I'm working on recreating the entire Howard's career of Conan, with few dozens of custom scenarios depicting the whole life of our Cimmerian hero... but I still lack so many great characters, allies, villains and creatures to use... for example I want more female characters (Zenobia (!), Olivia, Livia, Yasmela and so on)... and some more evil sorcerers (Xaltotun (!), Yara and so on) too... and deadly monsters and creatures... and Conan's companions... and rivals... and enemies... - maps (there could be some map-only expansion, like containing e.g 2 or 3 two-sided maps for Conan, depicting settings not yet included in the existing and planned expansions) - more heroes with OL tiles to use them as villains and more villains with character cards to use them as heroes... by the way - has anybody got a list of such side-swithing characters up to date?

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