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  1. I'm thinking I might varnish the bases and perhaps trim a little off the clip so they stay on but not too tightly. Thank you all for your responses!!
  2. Hello all. The title speaks for itself. I'm going to start painting soon but I'm not sure how to tackle the bases of the enemies. I searched the forum but either my search skills are poor, or its not been discussed. I'm not sure how to stop the base edges from losing paint.
  3. Replying so I'm remembered in the email-a-thon for postage!
  4. Do you think these small expansions will be released during the next kickstarter in a year or so?
  5. I have Nordheim on the way. If you get the wolf tiles in that then I may as well get some generic wolves that look better than the KS Exclusives. It'll certainly be cheaper!! That being said, both Not Quite Dead and Epaka have touched on which ones are used the most. I have the Book of Set, the other scenario book is arriving in the mail today and the three expansions during the week. Might be best to count which ones will see more use and get those?
  6. The wolves don't seem that awe inspiring as far as sculpt goes, but their usefulness means I'll get them. I know the black dragons look so very cool, but having an extra player to choose from is really giving me a hard choice. Cool looking baddies that you occasionally use vs a player you can play with.
  7. What about the Vanir Valkyrie? Doesn't being a playable character make her a good expansion?
  8. If you had to choose between the following expansions, which would you choose and why? (I'm looking at getting 2 of these.) Demon of the Earth Vanir Valkyrie Giant Wolves Baal Pteor Sabretooth Tiger Black Dragons
  9. I love it when the people who make games participate in the forums. Tells you that they care about their gaming community. I, for one, am appreciative of that. If reprints were to be made available, would that include things like the Dragon, or just the large ones? Also, where can we see vids of the upcoming Batman game?
  10. Nice, especially the top one! I love the blood on the swords, too. Thank you for your help. You're proof that there are nice people still on the internet!!
  11. Sounds like they’re soft plastic. I’ve not painted soft plastic. I’m getting the impression from your posts that you haven’t had any issues with painting them.
  12. What I meant by hardness is some minis are made of a plastic that flexes really easily, like the minis from Scythe. They bend without fear of them cracking. Hard minis don't really bend without the fear of them snapping.
  13. They don't seem to be very forthcoming with information about whether stuff will be reprinted. There may be another kickstarter for new expansions in 2019, though. Maybe current stuff will be reprinted then?
  14. That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you. Are the minis hard or soft plastic? I’ve only ever painted hard plastic before.
  15. Hello all. When I get my king pledge I’m thinking of painting the minis. I’m also thinking about how to store them. People that have painted, how did you store yours? I’ve only painted KD:M before and I stored them in large pluck foam tubs. I’d prefer not to use that method again due to the vast space that took. Also, are they hard or soft minis? Thank you!
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