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  1. Have you tried it on your iPhone / iPad, it works really really well. Once the page is loaded you don’t even need a network connection anymore so you can use it your Batcave if somehow you forgot to install WiFi there.
  2. 1) Batcave, Batboat section, corridor north of the left most cell should have LoS two areas to the right 2) Subway, left compartment of the big subway car (the very center of the map), should probably have LOS two areas north (D to E in the picture) 3) not sure about this one: subway, top row, third from the left has LOS to the area south of the escalator (LoS goes SW) although it crosses a wall (A to B). However the area on the leftmost column, second from below (between the gun and batman in to sink a city) does NOT have LoS to the same area (C to B). They both cross a wall in a similar way
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