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  1. In Vancouver, Canada. Received our package on April 15th. We were All In supporters. The detail on the figs is great... but we are VERY DISAPPOINTED with the quality of the plastic they used. The bases on at least half the figs are warped, and I'm wondering if part of the reason is that they are not fully solid, but hollowed out on the bottom. We aren't rich, we spent a shit load of money on this, forsaking other things we'd like to buy, because it looked so cool and because the very high quality of the other Monolith figs we have (Mythic Battles)... we mistakenly assumed they'd be similar quality. For the amount of support Monolith got on this game, and the huge bucks they raked in, there is no excuse for cheaping out on the materials. I can't see spending a huge amount of money on Monolith games in the future because of this. Also, it sucks that after being excited for over a year, we can't just enjoy the game without a tinge of disappointment.
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