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    A Batman játékszabály magyar nyelvű, saját fordítása.
  2. Batman - Gotham City Chronicles (Rulebook) Magyar Változat View File A Batman játékszabály magyar nyelvű, saját fordítása. Submitter Larce Submitted 05/17/2019 Category Rules  
  3. Hy! I found another thing, but I dont know, this is a problem: Page 59: The icon of the Moral Code is the same like the Harmless trait icon. (a teddy bear with a tie)
  4. I found some language mistakes in 11th April Rulebook: Page 24: the face-up and card backs are in French language. Page 29: Last paragraph is also in French. And what about Page 44, Hindering index? If I subtract the ally sizeindex from also the ally sizeindex, this will be always 0. Could it be: enemy - ally = X?
  5. Hello, Would you be so kind to upload the scenario pdf in editable version, not just scanned pages? This would be very useful. Thanks a lot.
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