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  1. I think you mean ZB and ZC who share a letter dans not ZA. The letter is here for 2 kinds of LoS : Disambiguation - the LoS is valid but there is wall so they add the letter to confirm that the LoS is valid Add exceptions - a LoS which is not allowed because a wall is crossed but with the difference of levels, the designer wants to have a LoS between these 2 zones. The potential explanation is that ZB and ZC are more elevated than ZA. About how can you know without the tool, just by following the 3 steps in my precedent message : An orange line between the 2 zones, a LoS exists. A letter is shared, a LoS exists. A line which doesn't cross a wall can be drawn between the 2 centers, a LoS exists. (To see what is called a wall, you can look at the map rules at the end of mission book) And if you think it's sometimes tricky (Like the Z-D one), the LoS tool is here for that 😉
  2. Hello, I was in summer vacation. Sorry for the delay. (I'm not an employee of Monolith, I'm doing it on my spare time). @Johnnymaxx About the elevation informations, we plan to do something from the start but it takes some times. I'll write here when I have more informations about that. @Carquinyoli About the subway map , 1) Z-D LoS touch the wall, even if it's just a little, it's how the rule works, that's why Z-D is wrong and Z-between the 2 wagons is right. 2)There are 3 ways to have a LoS : - 1) Separated by an orange line It's not OK for Z-A line - 2) Centers of zone share a letter It's not OK for Z-A line - 3) You can draw a line between the 2 centers without crossing a wall Z-A line cross a wagon wall, so it's not ok. So there are no LoS between Z and A For Z-B and Z-C, a letter is shared. All the boards have been double checked by Monolith but a mistake can still be there. For these LoS, the tool is right, it has been confirmed by Monolith. If you have an other question, please ask me.
  3. Hello everybody, A new update for the LoS tool. It should please the ones who want elevation bonus
  4. It's a separate zone. But it has no center and no orange lines. So there are no line of sight with this spot
  5. Hello everybody, This is my first post on the english version of The-Overlord. I'm working on the LoS Tools and I want to thank you all for your feedback. For the one talking about elevation bonus... be patient ;)
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