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  1. Ah, I kind of suspected the VS mode but never found the corresponding paragraph in the rules. I finally found it at the very beginning. Thank you!
  2. The command post has a defense slot, that usually has four slots. However, there is an inlay included, that blocks one slot, allowing only three energy dice for defence. When is that inlay used? So far, I could not see any occasion when it is used. In addition, the VS box includes a two slot defense space for Red Robin to reduce the available slots from three to two, so the three slot space seems to have use in VS mode, but I never found anything.
  3. Considering your LOS here: 1) I would agree, the LOS does not seem to be interrupted here. Maybe the whole displayed wall is considered as blocking and not only the top? Also, don't use the area between the trains as counter example, as it shares a letter with Z 2) The LOS from Z to A goes through the train and is therefore interrupted. B and C are fine, as they share a letter (E) with Z
  4. The car at the wall has the letter B, just like the roof, the area above the car has a shared E with the roof and the LOS to the area below the car goes below the wall, thus the car and the areas above and below are visible according the rule of walls blocking the LOS. Do you have any other examples that seem to go against that?
  5. The wall is blocking the LOS. There is no defined "height" for walls. If a line of sight goes through a wall, it is blocked (unless there are shared letters in the two areas). We also stumbled over that wall multiple times already, but according to the rules, it blocks the line of sight between the two miniatures.
  6. The dart still needs to hit to cause the 4 damage, meaning the attack would need to have at least one more success than the defence, as written in the poison rules. If it does hit, the precise number of netto successes is irrelevant as the attack causes exactly 4 damage as you wrote.
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