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  1. Just to update you, I managed to find a very honest and kind guy from France that has sold me the basic game + Pandora + Atlas almost at Kickstarter price. I think I have more than enough for now to play to see what happens with the new Kickstarter... and in the meantime, I'll keep hunting for stuff at honest price on Ebay and BGG. Thanks for the informations and the help! Niky
  2. Hello everyone, I've backed Batman and got a lot of stuff for it, thinking I was not going to play much out of it (my missus doesn't like playing that kind of game, and it looked a tad too complicated for my son) and it was going to be a painting project only, and I was suprised to say the least. The quality of the miniatures is just AWESOME, and my son fell in love with the gameplay and we ended up playing it A LOT. This definitely got me interested in Pantheon... but it looks like the only way to get it right now is to pay an obscene amount of money on Ebay. Is this really it? Do I have any other way to get this game aside from the overpriced resellers I found there or on BGG? I've seen there's a possible reprint of Conan coming, and I read there was going to be a Mythic Battles Ragnarok coming too... will any of this allow me to buy Mythic Battles Pantheon content too? Thanks for any assistance you can give me on this subject, I'd really like to get this game too, but I'm not ready to spend double his initial value to get it. Ciao, Niky
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