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  1. Thanks Of course I will add them! As soon as I could 🙂
  2. The application is back online and hosted here thanks to @SentMa http://the-overlord.com/Companion/Conan/ This is the same version that was previsouly online BUT a new version is coming soon and will be available in a few weeks : I will tell you more soon 🙂
  3. Thank you for your support 🙂 We are working on it
  4. Oops ... victim of his success? free hosting is suspended .... I will give you a new url as soon as possible
  5. very usefull. I put an ad to my companon application where you can also find it
  6. For the search, I will also add somehing dedicated to the campains. Not sure exactly what, but maybe a separate search page.... For the coop/solo mode, I will see when it will be available, but I think so. Maybe it would mean two differents apps. No, cause I'm not a FB guy. 🙂 but, please, can you do it for me?
  7. Hi. Yes @Roolz is right. I will first, add all the official scenarios. Then depending on the schedule, I will add a connector to https://conan-scenarios.com/ And I will also add some of the fan-made scenarios we can find here. The search engine will be nice I hope: it will use the expansions you declared for sure ; but you will be able to also see scenarios you cannot play directly if you want to proxy some characters. Additionally, you will be able to search a scenario to play with a given hero. Thank you for your support!
  8. Indeed, I recently found this site. I will try to contact its creator to share some resources! Thanks
  9. Hi, Waiting for the release of the official application, I coded a site to accompany during a game of Conan. The idea is to gather in one place resources that can be found in other places to make the games more fluid. The site is intended mainly for tablets, it is the most convenient format to have next to a game board, I think. For the moment, that makes: Cards: dynamic lines of sight (which duplicates the application available on TO - but I try to keep myself up to date on the points in dispute), specific rules Rules : display of game aids on skills (with adjusted texts mixing the original texts and the details at the end of the rules booklet; and modified to be connected between French and English: because in the official rules there are notably has a nice inconsistency on Sacrifice for example) complete rules, to quickly find a rule point during a game Studio: creation of equipment cards, spell creation, We can customize the extensions we have, to see more or less cards What I would like to do: Cards: add zoom, for phone use Scenario: search and display a scenario without having to print it (save the planet) in the format adapted to the tablet (not just a pdf) Studio: creation of character files, skelos tiles creation The application can be found here: http://the-overlord.com/Companion/Conan/ Tip: On my android with Chrome, once on the site, I click on the Chrome menu, and I do "add to the home screen". It's a bit like an application and in particular, it's full screen all the time. PS1: the application includes all the credits of the authors who helped or inspired 🙂 PS2: I hope not to offend anyone by offering this site ... PS3: in the menus, you will find access to the Github to be able to declare bugs or "simple" improvement ideas 🙂 PS4: sorry for my english
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