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  1. Hi,about the Hall of mirrors attraction tile, it has the following special rules if the attraction is ON:"HALL OF MIRRORS: a miniature in this area is considered isolated. They cannot be targeted with attacks or explosions. The skills of allies and enemies are ignored.The difficulty of all complex manipulations and complex thoughts that a miniature performs in this area are increased by 2.The cost in move points required to leave this area is increased by 2."For calculating the manipulation/thoughts, the case is that the Joker has menace level 3, and what I saw in the rulebook is that this seems that isn't considered a skill, so when the Joker is in that area, the manipulations will increase by +2 cause of the special rule and +3 cause of the Joker's menace (so it will be almost impossible for heroes).But thematically it has sense that the menace isn't taken into account, as the miniature is "isolated".Which option is correct? Should the menace index be taken into account?Thanks!
  2. Hi @kpitaine-crochet Please could you give us an update for Europe's fullfillment of BGCC S2?? Last I know if that boat arrived 2 weeks ago and was at customs clearance. But also I'm seeing USA and Canada's boats arrived later and their HUBs are already sending adress' confirmation. Please could you give us an update?? Thankssss!!
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