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  1. Ajaxs "Wall of the Achaeans" Powers states it is used if Ajax suffers wounds "following an attack" - so does it work against his own "The Shame of Ajax" Power? I think if he attacks someone and fails to wound, he suffers two wounds "following an attack", so the other power should be able to absorb this. Is this an intended effect?
  2. Excited for the book! @Matt John S - do you know wether we can get multiple copies, per chance?
  3. Howard himself did that with Bran Mak Morn (See "Kings of the Night"). It is, after all, one big cosmos, no matter who currently claims "legal rights" to any parts. Also, I see no reason not to "explore" the past, in addition to new regions of the hyborian age. Modiphius is doing that with the Pen&Paper RPG, why should Monolith explicitly NOT do that?
  4. Hello @All - finally joined up to partake at the poll! I have to say, I'm disappointed to see there's no option to take us further back in time to the Thurian Age to explore Atlantis and Valusia as Kull & and his Friends, fighting against Snakemen and the notorious Thulsa Doom! @Matt John S - I thought you had some influence!
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