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  1. Still not news on the EN version of Compendium #2??
  2. Nope. It simply means that some scenarios are terribly unbalanced in favor of the heroes and others in favor of the OL. Well, I would say that with a minimum of 25+ games recorded, there are quite a few scenarios with dreadful numbers. After playing them more than once and with different groups, I would dare to say that Hunting the Tigress, In the Heart of Darkness, The Final Ritual and For all of Ophir's Gold are seriously off-balance (if not broken).
  3. @Matt John S @Epaka The statistics after recording hundreds of games seem to say otherwise... https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1668462/balance-statistics-your-help-needed
  4. Whatever expansions Mololith eventually produces, I sincerely hope the scenarios will be thoroughly tested and properly balanced. It is a real shame that such a fantastic game is marred by so many broken scenarios both in the core box and the first three expansions.
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