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Compendium of scenarios

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Hello all,


I’m new to these forums and to this community but have been really enjoying playing Conan for sometime now. After purchasing the retail game from a local comic store I went out and got the full Kickstarter king pledge on eBay and added the Nordheim expansion, so I’ve got most of the product now. What I don’t have is math scenarios that utilize all of the great product out there. I have, of course, utilized the forums which provide a lot of great unofficial scenarios, and have bookmarked some. I also picked up the monolith 2d20 sourcebook which has the campaign and a few extra scenarios that require alternative game boards.


What I’d really like to see, and perhaps this is a suggestion to Monolith or any third party producer that could package such an item, is that a single book be released as a compendium of scenarios that contains all of the best official/unofficial scenarios. It would probably be a great item to offer with an upcoming 2020 Kickstarter. The more quality scenarios that are out there in circulation, utilizing more of the seldom used pieces, the more the market will go after completing their Conan game set with all the other pieces they don’t already own.


What are your thought from the community of players? Would you want this kind of product? Would you use it? Do you think it would help to generate new sales for the more obscure product?

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Yes, I’m referring to the fan-made scenarios, along with official scenarios and other third party scenarios, all rolled into a large (indexed) compendium that when printed would be something like 150-200 pages of high quality play-tested scenarios. I think that would be a real asset to the community. I often hear people complain that there aren’t many scenarios (usually four per expansion and roughly eight in the main box). I imagine this could probably include 50+ scenarios, all in one easily accessible volume.

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Ah OK.


I have no idea if another "big" printed scenario book is in the works (maybe for the next Conan KS?), but that would indeed be interesting for some people (less for me though, I think I own about every printed item ever released).


That being said.

As I type, about 20 extra official one-shot scenarios have been released (in pdf + printed in the hardcover "Book of Set").

Plus the Compendiums #1, #2, and #4 (now Compensiums are called TO Mag) that included fan-made scenarios for Conan. About 30, altogether. All of these have been playtested before being selected for the Compendiums.

Plus there are some fan-made campaigns & booklets (Whispers from Stygia, Tales from the north, etc), not included in any Compendium, which should total about 15 more altogether.

Most (if not all) of these scenarios are downloadable in english here on this very website.

And there are many other ones which I'm not aware of.

So I wouldn't say that there are "not many scenarios", rather the opposite :).

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