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  1. In case it might be of use : After the 1st Conan KS, several small companies designed and sold laser-cut acrylic overlays for Conan hero sheets. You can most probably still find them online (I know that a french manufacturer still offers them, I don't know for the others). They were more expensive than the cardboard ones in the last Conan Conqueror KS, of course.
  2. I know there's a Batman version planned, but the work on it started very recently :).
  3. Indeed. Basically, all adhesives are weaker on the sides (shear strength), some more than others. And it highly depends on the surfaces and materials.
  4. Depends on the mini and base. If the contact surface is large enough versus mini's size and weight, superglue is generally strong enough for gaming. For example, if you glue a plastic mini of a human with its 2 feet on the ground, it generally holds. If not, it's safer to pin the mini to be base before glueing. Same example as the above with a metal mini, or a plastic mini with just one foot on the ground. Pinning can also be necessary if the base is heavier than the mini itself. For example when you weigh the base with a fairly heavy coin/washer. In the case of tran
  5. V2 supersedes the previous one. See page 2 for list of changes.
  6. In this scenario, tentacles activation is handled by Thaug "Dagon's attack" spell. He can use the spell (=move and attack with a tentacle) as long as he has red gems. Pirates (or any character with swim skill) can get back into a ship by paying 1 extra gem (as indicated in the swim skill description).
  7. IIRC the tentacles were in the Barbarian pledge. So you should have their tiles somewhere.
  8. Ah :). I posted the separate "Tales from the north" scenarios pdfs yesterday on the french side of the-overlord. Still need to finish the whole booklet (1st pages and last one).
  9. A3 is 2xA4 so if you don't have access to an A3 printer, you have to split the page in two, then print & glue. This can be done via Acrobat (not Reader though), image editors (such as Photoshop), and there are also several online tools (google "split pdf a3 to a4").
  10. I've done a similar step-by-step of Conan's pirates a couple years ago. It should be in the Conan painting subforum. But I don't have more Conan dudes to paint in my short-term to-do-list (though I still have a ton to paint). And yes, writing a detailed step-by-step is definitely time consuming :).
  11. Note : Same principle as the tutos "Glaak!" (brutes with firearm) and “Crack! (brutes with chains). KKRRKKK ! – Painting of Clayface disguised as Wrath Foreword The goal of this tutorial is to paint Clayface disguised as Wrath to a higher standard than the goons. Welcome stranger, but if you intend to paint this mini in 1 hour, move along and never come back. As usual, I use as references the coloured 3D rendering of the miniature and the comics drawings. Okay… the coloured render is not overly helpful. So I dig
  12. Indeed, heroes can move the ship maximum 2 times per turn in this scenario. However, it's theoretical : It would mean that heroes manage to have a majority of minis on 2 different control areas during the same turn, and I think it's quite difficult (or at least, less optimal than killing some enemy pirates, recruiting others, while moving the ship little by little).
  13. Not as far as I know. I believe most buildings in Batman are are too big to be made only with 3D printing. User Biohazard (on the french side) has designed and built several 3D maps (IIRC: crime alley, subway, ace chemicals). He designed laser-cut buildings and 3D-printed furniture, and used other commercially available elements. His topic is here : https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/2117-wip-plateaux-de-jeu-en-volume-un-autre/ (in french but goodle trad will help) His files, pictures, etc. are downloadable there : http://www.biohazard.tv/batman/
  14. I've re-based all my Conan painted minis with clear acrylic bases, to solve the issue of "visual consistency with the boards". However, re-basing with acrylic takes almost as long as doing a regular textured base. I believe that it you do a somewhat generic basing (for example, a bit of stone, a bit of earth, a bit of wood, a bit of grass), it will match most of the boards.
  15. FYI, this bug (among others) has been notified to the designer of the scenario editors, he's looking into it.
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