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  1. Since I helped debugging and translating this site/companion, I believe I can partially answer: - Once the scenario library will be added, the "filter per product" function will certainly be there too. It already works for the boards (i.e. the boards you see are automatically filtered depending on the products you have selected in the "My expansions" menu). - I might be wrong, but I do not think it is reasonably doable to add each and every fan-made scenario (the official ones might already be a dauting task). But including some of them should not add a tremendous workload. I'm thinking about the fan scenarios of the Compendiums/TO Mags, and the couples of Campaigns like the ones you co-wrote (Whispers from Stygia etc).
  2. It was not easy to choose. After some heated debates around half-baked criteria and whatnot, the winner is... @Tim-Mizzet with his commish Gordon : Bravo and thanks to all entrants, the level was definitely there.
  3. OK, I'm a bit late regarding this contest. But the winner has been selected, after much brain-burning and a couple of drinks. Result coming very soon ! That being said, hereunder are all the contest entries (no particular order except vaguely alphabetical) : Benrocky : Budala : Carquinyoli : Djimne : Goupil : Helyss : Herkule82 : Madcollector : Madboy One : Not Quite Dead Reju : Renand : SentMa : SmallRealities : Tim-Mizzet : Xantheas :
  4. Entry duly registered ! Keep them coming, guys & gals !
  5. In reference to a a famous french TV spot from the 80's. It probably never been aired outside french-speaking countries. But a few years later, the actor (Marc de Jonge) played the evil russian in Rambo 3. That being said, I'm running a mini painting contest. - OK, wot's the prize ? - An "Everlasting wet palette" from Redgrass Games. Redgrass Games will graciously provide me the item. Thanks to them! I suppose il will be this one : https://www.redgrassgames.com/everlasting-wet-palette/everlasting-wet-palette-painter/ I could keep it like the fat cheapskate that I am, but since I already bought one a while back, I don't intend to start a collection*. I'll cover the shipping fees to you, since I'm super nice and it's Christmas soon. *it would be appreciated that those who already own this palette do not enter the contest, but I can't send spies everywhere, so do as you wish. - Kay wot do I need to do ? - Just post a photo of one of your painted minis, under this post. A single miniature, painted by yourself (if it's painted by your spouse or kid it's OK, though). Two photos maximum (front/back). The mini must be from a Monolith game (Conan, Batman, Claustrophobia, Mythic Battles). It can be a mini that you painted previously, or one that you'll paint during the coming month. - Yup. When does that run ? - Contest starts : now, 02 december 2019. Contest ends : in one month, 02 january 2020. - And who gets the stuff eventually ? - The winner will be designated by a fair jury, composed of several undisputed international experts (i.e. me and my wife, and maybe one of the cats will chime in). Everybody has a chance to win, be it the seasoned professional or the trowel-painter, since the criteria are not established yet ! To quote a famous french philosopher : "One cannot really bet everything on one's looks. Especially you. So if I can give you any advice, it's : forget you don't have a chance, go for it!"
  6. Let me check... Heroes : 1-Nightwing, 2-Batwoman, 3-Gordon Villains : Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy Rank&file : Thugs crowbar, Brutes chains, Carnivorous plants, GCPD cops pistol, 1 civilian That being said, chances are this scenario will be downloadable here, one day or another (just like for Conan).
  7. Ah OK. I have no idea if another "big" printed scenario book is in the works (maybe for the next Conan KS?), but that would indeed be interesting for some people (less for me though, I think I own about every printed item ever released). That being said. As I type, about 20 extra official one-shot scenarios have been released (in pdf + printed in the hardcover "Book of Set"). Plus the Compendiums #1, #2, and #4 (now Compensiums are called TO Mag) that included fan-made scenarios for Conan. About 30, altogether. All of these have been playtested before being selected for the Compendiums. Plus there are some fan-made campaigns & booklets (Whispers from Stygia, Tales from the north, etc), not included in any Compendium, which should total about 15 more altogether. Most (if not all) of these scenarios are downloadable in english here on this very website. And there are many other ones which I'm not aware of. So I wouldn't say that there are "not many scenarios", rather the opposite :).
  8. That's basically what the fan-made Compendiums are, no ?
  9. Otherwise you can check Reaper's website, they have lots of models, you might find something to your liking using their "figure finder" tool.
  10. I second Hasslefree and Heresy. Hasslefree have excellent sculpts, very dynamic and realistic (IMO). Heresy are quite good too, but the style is different. I didn't know IronWind, thanks for the info (I believe they have bought old molds/masters from way back: I spotted a very recognizable druid mini that I purchased and painted about 30 years ago !).
  11. 1- Monolith has made the King Pledge files (cards, tiles, etc) downloadable in the files section: https://the-overlord.net/index.php?/files/category/1-resources/ 2- Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future. 3- There are many small and medium-sized minis publishers. Reaper is one of the most famous medium-sized, with thousands of models to pick from. But just google and you'll find lots of others. Edit: quickest and cheapest option (less sthematic, though) is simply to use unused minis from the retail box, since no scenario uses all the minis. 4- AFAIK, either people bought one part or all of the 3 large expansions (and get the corresponding extra gameplay in addition to the retail box), or PnP'ed+proxied using the files linked above, or bought a second-hand king pledge and sold/gave-away/used-for-other-stuff their retail copy.
  12. Thanks, much appreciated !
  13. As kpitaine wrote above. You can attack the hero in your area then move. And you only pay energy cubes if you want to move further than your villain's free/bonus move. Since it's his first movement of the turn (see rules page 20).
  14. Monolith staff keeps an eye on the-overlord.com/.net, so simply uploading stuff in the appropriate website sections should be enough. At least, it was until now. Otherwise, I believe you can MP @Matt John S who will transmit to the right dudes/dudettes. PS: a pro-printed version of your "whispers from Stygia" campaign would be awesome.
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