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  1. New version (V2) uploaded. Mostly, some parts reworded for clarity's sake.
  2. Expansion for the Conan boardgame, themed around Red Nails. Being written. Conan RPG themed around.... Conan. Being written.
  3. Nesh-Shogta has not logged for a while so I'll try to answer, since I helped proofreading the 1st French version. It was a long time ago (almost 3 years) so take my answers with a grain of salt (at the end of the day, use your best judgement 🙂 ). Almost. Aesir and Vanir are undead, Scorpions and Warlock are not. Heroes have to kill the Warlock as well. Yes, I think so. Overlord just chooses the target/path and rolls for damage. Yes. The mention of the warlock's area is just to help determining the rock's path, damage starts 1 area away. Yes. Quicksand effects start on next Heroes' turn (as soon as the Hero tries to move). Yes. When all the picts & Thak are dead, Kerim & the Guards will attack the Heroes. Though, you might rule ("hard mode") that the OL gets full control of Kerim & Guards as soon as all Heroes are free. I believe it comes from an early draft of this campaign. Seems useless here, indeed. Yes. Same as the 1st Complex Manipulation. Yes, I think so. The Lockpick gives an extra Gem for lock-picking, so if a Guard drops it, it can be used to help opening the chest without the Key (complex manipulation difficulty 2). Yes, I think so.
  4. A question about: - Tome of Skelos, from Conan's Conqueror expansion? - Shadow Kingdom? - Tales of the Red Brotherhood? An error or typo spotted in a scenario? Post & ask hereunder!
  5. Version v2


    Errata & Clarifications on Tome of Skelos, Tales of the Red Brotherhood, and Shadow Kingdom. It is recommended to "Follow", to receive notifications in case of updates.
  6. Conan the Conqueror - Errata & Clarifications [EN] View File Errata & Clarifications on Tome of Skelos, Tales of the Red Brotherhood, and Shadow Kingdom. It is recommended to "Follow", to receive notifications in case of updates. Submitter Roolz Submitted 04/08/2023 Category Rules  
  7. Works for me. Random web page, I right-click on the picture and copy image link. Then I paste link in the Studio, image appears in the preview (here the link is to a jpg): Use of images from the computer does not work at the moment, but it's in the to-do-list of the next release, as far as I remember. It is. In the Studio section, scroll down "Skills" menu -> Movement -> Leap. Have you tried to clean your cache and reload the app/website ?
  8. Roolz

    To Mag V EN

    We're looking into it but we have to do print tests first. Lulu has constraints that impact the layout.
  9. Not the monolith board games logo. So, most probably not the actual store. Anyway, it’s not supposed to open before this fall.
  10. Many of the small add-ons from 2015-2017 KS were reprinted for the Conqueror KS, so there will probably be copies in the upcoming online store. Many, but not all of them, due to insufficient demand. The Book of Set was not reprinted, but all its scenarios are downloadable here.
  11. These are material given as free downloadable pdfs (at the moment, 7 Heroes' sheets).
  12. Try support@monolithedition.com they might take time to answer due to the current KS campaign, though.
  13. Depending on the heroes position on the board, you can choose an area so that Sogar cannot reach any of them (hard to do, though), or (more frequently) so that its fits with the heroes' strategy. For example, place the Target hero and choose the area where Sogar teleports so that it moves him far away from the other heroes that are filling the objectives. Anyway, if you lose you can apply the "Defeat conditions" and move to the next scenario :).
  14. You can try the following: Grab weapons a.s.a.p., then search for the life potion. Once you have the life potion, use wall wrecker (or manipulation) to make a hole in the hut, and make Zapo flee through it. It should allow him to avoid most of the enemies, since they have targeted the Heroes previously, so they should be in the "center" of the board. When teleporting Sogar Zag, you can choose where he teleports. I.e. you can choose to an area that makes it more difficult for him to attack heroes.
  15. I just checked my copy (french version), the cover looks fine. Note that Lulu uses a network of local print shops, as close as possible to the order/delivery point. So I believe it adds to the variability of the physical printed books (plus the usual variability due to print-on-demand process). This might also explain that.
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