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Revised Kickstarter wish list

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I was replying to one of the announcements on Kickstarter and I realized that a bunch of the things I was looking for are actually being covered.  So I thought it only right to go over it.


The minis I most want to see.  This list, upon reflection, got heavily cleared out.  Between the results of the current campaign and what would be included in a Red Nails box set (which they recently teased) it looks like most of what I was asked for was taken care of.  Still, did my best to come up with new mini ideas.


1.  Bran Mak Morn

2.  Degenerate Serpent Men (Bran Mak Morn series)

3.  Child of Set (Serpent in the Bowl).  I know we have a lot of snakes already.  However, I would expect this one to have a classical-style human head and very different line up of powers.

4.  Tzun Thune and his magical mirrors (King Kull series)

5.  Giant, evil crabs (People of the Black Coast)

6.  Sexy, female assassin (like was on the Stygia expansion cover but not actually there).

7.  Some character to represent fat, decadent noblemen or merchants.


Yeah, I am really reaching with some of these, but to be fair the miniature line up they got with the last campaign really knocked it out of the park.  


Maps, hmmmm.  The Kickstarter did have some really awesome maps I can't wait to get into.  However, they covered less of what I was looking for.  The pure wilderness map will supposedly come out with Red Nails.  Grain of salt, fingers crossed.



1.  Gladiator arena.  It would be dominated by a giant arena in the middle.  Get some of those cool pillars in there.  Then surrounded by seating for the masses, and an emperors viewing box.  Finally adjacent rooms for letting gladiators and beasts in.  Dramatic, powerful and intense.  If you're looking for what culture would most likely have this in the Hyborian age, I would suggest Turan or Hyperborea.  Bonus if it can somehow double as a racing track!


2.  Palace throne room.  If you're going to dethrone someone, they need a throne first!  I want a magnificent chamber to kill a king and place his bloody crown on my head.  We have a fortress or two, but not a really civilized, refined even genteel place in which to wreck havoc.  Imagine the centerpiece being a many columned throne room.  Then add side chambers for feasting hall, guard room, treasury, armory even a seraglio. Etc.


3.  Thieves themed boards- I think what would really sell this to me is a double map.  One level shows the rooftops.  The other shows the rooms beneath!  That would feel roguish to me.  Any scenario that has you dashing back and forth between roof levels and rooms is enticing!  Especially if one section would have a rich person's house and the rest are poor.  


4. Don't get me wrong, more ruins, battlefields, caves and caverns are also possibilities. Those top three are my personal pics though.


Given what we got in the last campaign, and anticipating a future Red Nails campaign, what box sets would I lobby for?  


Zamora/Thieves themed box set- First, two maps.  I would want them to have a roof top and an interior.  Think like what they have for ship decks.  One map will be of the Maul (the poorer part of town) and the other would be rich mansions or temples.  That kind of verticality would create for exciting combat.  Another element to consider is integrating some kind of stealth game play.  Popping in and out of buildings and going behind obstacles.  Perhaps, every time you start your turn within line of sight of a guard the Overlord gains a benefit?  Not sure.  Some kind of mechanism for heists would be cool too. A competitive mode were the heroes see who can escape with the best swag might be cool. In terms of minis you could work in 3, 6 and 7 easily.  For the minions, I would want to see thieves.  The base box set already has plenty of standard guards.  


Turan- If I may quote the poll from way back when "Turan: an expansion about Turan would be inspired by Persian Empire, with Zuagir tribes attacking caravan of merchants, and with adventurers looking for long-lost cities hidden in the desert."   e  They are clearly focusing on the land bound elements of Turan, which I approve of.  We've got a lot of pirate stuff already.  I will admit that not a lot of my minis would not apply naturally to this one.  6 and 7 I suppose.  We would need Turanian styled troops in this one.  There are some (mostly evil) NPCs which can make their appearance in this game.  If you are looking for an unique mechanic for this one, I would say some kind of mounted combat/riding mechanic.  Especially if we get the arena map.  Gladiator fights AND chariot racing?  Yes please!  The maps I would most like to see would be the throne room and the arena.  However, to be fair we would want at least one desert.  Heck, a desert map to show a caravan trail and/or one with desert ruins would be awesome.

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