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 1 - 4 players - 1 raven - Core box




"In this scenario Conan and his friends must protect a priestress of Mitra for 12 turns from waves of picts that assault the small village"



This scenario offers solo or cooperative play from 1 to 4 players with an artificial intelligence to control the Overlord's tiles and units.



United by the bloodthirsty shaman Zogar Sag, the Pict tribes have swarmed across the Black River and are ravaging the frontier province of Conajohara. Fort Tuscelan has fallen, and the black smoke of its burning rises to the north like a beacon of despair. “The fort’s doomed,” growls Conan to his companions, eyeing the billowing column of smoke, “We’ve got to warn the settlers, or else the Picts may cross Thunder River and take Velitrium before the people know what’s happened!” Hastening south, Conan and his friends sound the warning at the first settlement they find. With no time to gather provisions or treasures, the panicked settlers flee for their lives. Even as the villagers flood out of the village the sound of beating drums announces the arrival of a Pict war-party. “We must buy them time!” Conan shouts, directing his fellows to prepare their defenses against the oncoming horde. Conan feels a hand at his elbow, and turning sees a woman dressed in the livery of a Priestess of Mitra. “There is an incantation that can drive back these savages,” intones the Priestess, “But rite will take time. Protect me until I can finish the invocation!” Conan nods quickly, accepting the woman’s audacious declaration without question. The son of a wild and superstitious people, the Barbarian does not adhere to the intellectual skepticism of civilized men. Taking refuge at the center of the village, the Priestess begins her chant. Conan and his companions ready their weapons as the howling, painted warriors encircle the tiny village….

Download the Drums of Doom


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