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  1. Welcome to this new group (created in January of 2021) dedicated to selling secondhand roleplaying games between non-professionals. Its goal is to provide a platform dedicated to RPG sales WITH the possibility to do it with auctions. Selling at a set price remains possible. This entails adhering to a number of rules that everyone should follow. Posts not following the rules will be refused by admins. Thanks for reading the rules below carefully and accept them before creating a new post. This group has been alive for a short time and the rules may evolve in the future to adapt to specific needs in order to improve conditions of sales and auctions. First things first, we remind everyone that posts and discussion should remain civil and benevolent. Any member posting insulting, disrespectful, racist, xenophobic or misogynist comments will be banned. 1- GENERAL RULES - A seller cannot have more than 6 active auctions at any given time. - An auction can be made for a single item or a lot of items. - A seller must regroup all his “fixed price” and/or “trade” items or lots into a single post. - A finalized sale needs to be indicated as sold. - Only RPG items (books and boxsets) can be posted. Other items related to RPG (novels, boardgames, figurines) can also be posted after being admin-approved. - Direct links to other sites such as Ebay or marketplace and private groups are not authorized. - Posts asking for estimation of items are not authorized in order to avoid hidden auctions through private messages. A seller can contact admins to ask for advice about the value of items he wants to sell. - Comments and discussion should be dedicated to exchange information about items and the sale. No comment about price such as “it is too expensive” or “it is undervalued” will be tolerated. - The seller cannot add more than one comment per day on his sale posts, in order to avoid abusive bumping of posts in the thread. - Posts must contain the following elements: A- Faithful description of the item and its condition. Do not forget to mention any issue within the books (such as underlining, stains, torn or missing pages…). B- One (or better, several) picture(s). C- Shipping method(s) and associated costs if they are not included in the price (fixed one or final auction). Specify location (country) and which shipping destinations are accepted or excluded. D- Payment modality(ies). 2- RULES SPECIFIC TO “FIXED PRICE AND/OR TRADE” POSTS The post needs to specify: - A set price and/or trade possibilities 3- RULES SPECIFIC TO AUCTION POSTS The auction is carried out by successive bids until the buyout price (if one is mentioned) or until the specified date and time ending the auction. Monitoring of the bids is the charge of the bidders and the seller. Admins will intervene only in case of dispute. The post must thus specify: - A starting price. - A minimum amount for bids (+1€, +5€...). - A buyout price if the seller wishes it. If not, the post must specify “no buyout”. - A date and time for the end of the auction. - Rules for duration extension if one or several bids are placed within a time interval close to the end of the auction. This is optional but should be specified if none is chosen. For example, “any bid placed within the last 15 minutes of the auction will extend the duration by one hour”. Bids are public: they have to be posted as comments, not as private messages to the seller. The auction is won by the bidder with the highest bid within the auction’s duration set by the seller. The seller must comment after the end of the auction to identify the highest bidder and the corresponding price. 4- OTHER DETAILS Administrators and moderators do not receive any commission on sales and auctions. In case of dispute between members, it is not authorized to complain about or report another member publicly in the group. Please contact administrators and moderators and they will do what they can to help. However, it is important to emphasize that we cannot take any responsibility in case of grave issues such as scams. This will require relying on external legal solutions. We strongly recommend to rely on secure payment means with assorted insurances. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the administrators or moderators. We are human beings with familial and professional requirements. We will answer as fast as possible. Thank you.
  2. We have just created a new facebook group, mostly based in France+Belgium and switzerland for French speaking gamers, however we keep it open to international ones also. The idea was to have something similar to the RPGauctions facebook group, which is 90% USA and Canada based, with most of the RPGs sold there being US / UK games, but more oriented towards the European market and associated RPGs. If you are interested, you can have a look at the rules below and join the group here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/248795699927631
  3. I tested it only once, so it is definitively not balanced / finished yet. If you try it, please give feedback !
  4. 5 players - 3 ravens - King pledge, stretch goals, add-on Kushite hunters "In this scenario, Conan and his friends are hunting a giant reptilian creature to bring its heart to the King's alchemist. The Overlord controls picts and Kushite hunters that try to protect the reptile they consider as a god." Ideally, the Komodo dragon mini sold by PapoTM is used to represent the Megalania. Alternatively, the Dragon or the Giant Serpent can be used. Synopsis "Conan and his friends have been commissioned by the King’s alchemist to bring him the heart of a Megalania, a nearly extinct giant reptilian creature that dwells in the muddy swamps of a forest far from the Capital. It is the last missing ingredient to an old formula that could grant an extended life to the King, and he has promised the group led by Conan a preposterous sum of gold if they can deliver the precious and rare organ. After several days in the swamps fighting mosquitos, Conan and his friends have finally tracked down the beast and managed to lure it to the ruins of an abandoned village in which its movements will be hindered, so they hope they will be able to bring it down. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, the Megalania is worshipped by a tribe of picts recently passed under the control of a Kushite sorcerer and his warriors. Discovering that strangers are tracking their serpent god to kill it, they move in numbers to protect it…." Download hunting the Megalania Although it is not required to play the scenario, the following tile can be used.
  5. 4 - 5 players - 3 ravens - Stretch goals and add-on Dragon "In this scenario Conan and his friends confront the dark Stygian sorcerer Nahtok. They will dispute him the control of the huge Dragon in order to try and vanquish their enemy." Download In the pursuit of the Veiled One
  6. 2-4 players - 3 ravens - corebox, stretch goals "In this scenario Conan and his friends must sneak into the tavern to steal documents without raising the alarm." Synopsis: Newly restored to his throne, the King of Khojora faces a rash of rebellious lords. One of the more prominent dissenters, Lord Alvric, has hired out a mercenary company from Koth to raid caravans in the north of the Kingdom, hoping to incite another war. King Khossus fears direct action against one of his own Lords will result in even more strife, so he has discreetly asked Conan and his companions to find proof of the treason. The mercenary commander and his personal guard have reportedly taken over an Inn on the outskirts of the capital. Download when broadswords sing
  7. 5 players - 2 ravens - King pledge, stretch goals Download assault on castle necro
  8. 4-5 players - 1 raven - king pledge and stretch goals "In this scenario the heroes must rescue the princess Devi Yasmina from the Master of Yimsha." Synopsis: Of the men who accompany Conan and the Turanian, few survive the barrage of spells that assault them as they ascend up the mountain. Each man can feel the magic of the Black Seers pressing upon his mind as the band breaches the gates of the citadel. They know they must find and deal with the Master of Yimsha quickly, while their willpower holds. High above the slopes of Mount Yimsha the castle of the Black Seers rests ominously. Somewhere inside that black fortress lurks the Master of Yimsha, who has abducted Devi Yasmina, ruler of Vendhya. Beneath the shadow of that keep an uneasy alliance is formed between Kerim Shah, Prince of Iranistan, and Conan the Cimmerian, warlord of the Wazuli bandit tribes. Each man has his own reasons for scaling that peak of sinister legend. Kerim Shah hopes to take the Devi captive back to Yezdigerd, King of Turan. Conan goes because he had an agreement with Yasmina to release the seven Wazuli chieftains in her possession if he slew the Master of Yimsha, who murdered her brother, Bunda Chand. The two warriors eye each other warily, conscious of the fact that should they survive their insane quest, one of them must slay the other for custody of the Devi. Download the black seers of Yimsha
  9. 5 players - 3 ravens - King pledge, stretch goals, add-ons black dragons, demon of the earth, Xavier Colette Box "In this scenario, Pelias a warned King Conan of an imminent danger: a very powerful sorcerer is opening a tear in the fabric of space and time through which demons will enter our dimension. A race against the clock to close the portal starts..." Synopsis: "The powerful and dangerous sorcerer Pelias has finally met his match. Rumors of a mighty wizard coming from distant lands were true. And Pelias, for the first time in ages, is frightened. Drawn to the tremendous power like an insect by a torchlight, he tracked the mysterious being to an abandoned rotten village in the middle of a boggy forest near the Capital of Aquilonia. There he discovered its ungodly purpose: to summon a horde of demons from outer dimensions that will do his bidding and help him ravage Aquilonia... and beyond. Pelias realized he would not be able to stop this mighty enemy alone, so he went to his former enemy Conan the King, for help. He luckily managed to convince him of the gravity of the danger threatening their world. Conan assembles his personal guard, his general Pallantides and the scout Balthus. Led by Pelias, they near the ruins of the village half-buried in the muddy swamp. As soon as they arrive, they are confronted with undead warriors that seem to prevent access to the center of the village. From a distance they catch sight of the menacing sorcerer, standing on a rock in front of an impossible sight: some kind of swirling tear in the fabric of space and time seems to hold above the ground in mid-air, while strange-looking tall humanoids are chanting a dark incantation. Suddenly, a strange and hideous creature emerges from the portal and lands on the ground with an otherworldly shout full of hate and fury..." Download demonic surge [OPTIONAL] Additional cards that can be used in this scenario to represent special rules:
  10. 5 players - 2 ravens - King pledge, stretch goals, addons black dragons, crossbowmen, Brox box "In this scenario, King Conan (Amra the lion) and his lion, with a few adventure friends, fall into an ambush laid by a renegade Captain of the Aquilonian army" Synopsis King Conan and his friends are visiting the northern lands of Aquilonia, and wish to spend the night in a nearby stronghold of the Aquilonian army. They ignore that the garrison Captain has betrayed his King, seduced by an old enemy’s promises of riches and lust. The traitor has poured a drug in the food of his garrison, depriving them of reasoning, forcing them to obey him blindly. Only two elite guards resisted the drug and were thrown in jail. The captain has also ordered the daughter of a nearby village (as well as her faithful servant) to be captured as hostages, to prevent the loyal subjects of the King to foment any uprising. Informed by scouts that Conan is coming, he decides to ambush him. Unsuspecting, Conan and his friends enter the fort. As soon as they pass the gate, the portcullis closes behind them with a sinister noise. They are trapped between soldiers suddenly rushing from both sides, and archers appearing above them behind battlements. The captain yells “bring me the head of the old Lion!”. Fortunately, Belit was delayed and arrives just after the portcullis has been closed. Perhaps will she be able to help her friends out of this perilous situation by entering stealthy into the fort ? Download the ambush
  11. 1 - 4 players - 1 raven - Core box "In this scenario Conan and his friends must protect a priestress of Mitra for 12 turns from waves of picts that assault the small village" Synopsis: United by the bloodthirsty shaman Zogar Sag, the Pict tribes have swarmed across the Black River and are ravaging the frontier province of Conajohara. Fort Tuscelan has fallen, and the black smoke of its burning rises to the north like a beacon of despair. “The fort’s doomed,” growls Conan to his companions, eyeing the billowing column of smoke, “We’ve got to warn the settlers, or else the Picts may cross Thunder River and take Velitrium before the people know what’s happened!” Hastening south, Conan and his friends sound the warning at the first settlement they find. With no time to gather provisions or treasures, the panicked settlers flee for their lives. Even as the villagers flood out of the village the sound of beating drums announces the arrival of a Pict war-party. “We must buy them time!” Conan shouts, directing his fellows to prepare their defenses against the oncoming horde. Conan feels a hand at his elbow, and turning sees a woman dressed in the livery of a Priestess of Mitra. “There is an incantation that can drive back these savages,” intones the Priestess, “But rite will take time. Protect me until I can finish the invocation!” Conan nods quickly, accepting the woman’s audacious declaration without question. The son of a wild and superstitious people, the Barbarian does not adhere to the intellectual skepticism of civilized men. Taking refuge at the center of the village, the Priestess begins her chant. Conan and his companions ready their weapons as the howling, painted warriors encircle the tiny village…. Download the Drums of Doom
  12. 4-5 players - 3 ravens - King pledge and stretch goals "In this scenario, Conan has been catpured and poisonned. The other heroes must free him and give him the antidote, then extract him from the fort." Synopsis : Crouching low, set for battle, Conan hefted his spear, its keen edge at the ready. His adversary rushed forward in an irresistible charge, swinging its mighty bone club in a massive arc. Conan rolled to the right, deftly evading its attack, and slashed at the brute's belly as it passed, cutting deep into the exposed, rotting flesh and bone. The damage was done…and yet the beast did not falter. “By Crom,” Conan spat, “What blasphemy of nature is this?” A moment and comprehension struck like a bolt of lightning. The being he faced was a necromantic horror, one of the undead. It could not die. The aberration charged once more striking downward with its great club again and again, seeking to drive him, like an iron nail, into the blood-soaked ground. Conan parried the blows with his spear but finally, with a loud crack, the haft broke in twain. Whirling about, Conan spied a dead comrade’s double-bladed axe lying nearby. He ran, the miscreation following closely behind. Before he could reach the axe, the brute was upon him, dragging him to the ground. Conan rolled, attempting to extricate himself from the creature’s grasp. Their limbs and bodies intertwined, writhing, as each warrior tried to gain the advantage. In the tumult their faces met. The undead breathed into Conan’s face, the foul stench of its noxious breath filling his nostrils and lungs as, convulsively, he inhaled. Conan barked a violent cough. Suddenly he felt weak...very weak. Breathing was a chore. The light grew dim. All went black. Download the prisonner of Kavula
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