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5 players - 2 ravens - King pledge, stretch goals, addons black dragons, crossbowmen, Brox box




"In this scenario, King Conan (Amra the lion) and his lion, with a few adventure friends, fall into an ambush laid by a renegade Captain of the Aquilonian army"


This scenario uses material from the King pledge, stretch goals and add-ons black dragons, crossbowmen and the Brom box. It should be possible to replace Belit by another version or by Shevatas, the black dragons by improved soldiers, and crossbowmen by archers.



King Conan and his friends are visiting the northern lands of Aquilonia, and wish to spend the night in a nearby stronghold of the Aquilonian army. They ignore that the garrison Captain has betrayed his King, seduced by an old enemy’s promises of riches and lust. The traitor has poured a drug in the food of his garrison, depriving them of reasoning, forcing them to obey him blindly. Only two elite guards resisted the drug and were thrown in jail. The captain has also ordered the daughter of a nearby village (as well as her faithful servant) to be captured as hostages, to prevent the loyal subjects of the King to foment any uprising. Informed by scouts that Conan is coming, he decides to ambush him. Unsuspecting, Conan and his friends enter the fort. As soon as they pass the gate, the portcullis closes behind them with a sinister noise. They are trapped between soldiers suddenly rushing from both sides, and archers appearing above them behind battlements. The captain yells bring me the head of the old Lion!”. Fortunately, Belit was delayed and arrives just after the portcullis has been closed. Perhaps will she be able to help her friends out of this perilous situation by entering stealthy into the fort ?


Download the ambush

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