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5 players - 3 ravens - King pledge, stretch goals, add-ons black dragons, demon of the earth, Xavier Colette Box


"In this scenario, Pelias a warned King Conan of an imminent danger: a very powerful sorcerer is opening a tear in the fabric of space and time through which demons will enter our dimension. A race against the clock to close the portal starts..."


This scenario confronts Pelias, King Conan, Pallantides and Balthus with the primitive hyperborean who tries to maintain the tear open with the help of four black ones he imbued with part of his power. Undead warriors protect them. The scenario provides the opportunity to potentially play with all the demons in the game. It offers several mecanisms allowing to lower or rise the energy of the portal (heroes must reduce it to 0 before the end of turn 8 while the Overlord must prevent them).



"The powerful and dangerous sorcerer Pelias has finally met his match. Rumors of a mighty wizard coming from distant lands were true. And Pelias, for the first time in ages, is frightened. Drawn to the tremendous power like an insect by a torchlight, he tracked the mysterious being to an abandoned rotten village in the middle of a boggy forest near the Capital of Aquilonia. There he discovered its ungodly purpose: to summon a horde of demons from outer dimensions that will do his bidding and help him ravage Aquilonia... and beyond. Pelias realized he would not be able to stop this mighty enemy alone, so he went to his former enemy Conan the King, for help. He luckily managed to convince him of the gravity of the danger threatening their world. Conan assembles his personal guard, his general Pallantides and the scout Balthus. Led by Pelias, they near the ruins of the village half-buried in the muddy swamp. As soon as they arrive, they are confronted with undead warriors that seem to prevent access to the center of the village. From a distance they catch sight of the menacing sorcerer, standing on a rock in front of an impossible sight: some kind of swirling tear in the fabric of space and time seems to hold above the ground in mid-air, while strange-looking tall humanoids are chanting a dark incantation. Suddenly, a strange and hideous creature emerges from the portal and lands on the ground with an otherworldly shout full of hate and fury..."


Download demonic surge


[OPTIONAL] Additional cards that can be used in this scenario to represent special rules:

Portalcontrol.png conansword.pnglockpickingtools.png

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