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4-5 players - 1 raven - king pledge and stretch goals





"In this scenario the heroes must rescue the princess Devi Yasmina from the Master of Yimsha."



Uses Conan mercenary, Pelias and Kerim Shah, and Olgerd Vladislav as a 4th hero. The heroes will confront skeletons, mummies and a demon



Of the men who accompany Conan and the Turanian, few survive the barrage of spells that assault them as they ascend up the mountain. Each man can feel the magic of the Black Seers pressing upon his mind as the band breaches the gates of the citadel. They know they must find and deal with the Master of Yimsha quickly, while their willpower holds. High above the slopes of Mount Yimsha the castle of the Black Seers rests ominously. Somewhere inside that black fortress lurks the Master of Yimsha, who has abducted Devi Yasmina, ruler of Vendhya. Beneath the shadow of that keep an uneasy alliance is formed between Kerim Shah, Prince of Iranistan, and Conan the Cimmerian, warlord of the Wazuli bandit tribes. Each man has his own reasons for scaling that peak of sinister legend. Kerim Shah hopes to take the Devi captive back to Yezdigerd, King of Turan. Conan goes because he had an agreement with Yasmina to release the seven Wazuli chieftains in her possession if he slew the Master of Yimsha, who murdered her brother, Bunda Chand. The two warriors eye each other warily, conscious of the fact that should they survive their insane quest, one of them must slay the other for custody of the Devi.


Download the black seers of Yimsha

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