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A new facebook group dedicated to selling RPGs, with auctions allowed

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We have just created a new facebook group, mostly based in France+Belgium and switzerland for French speaking gamers, however we keep it open to international ones also.


The idea was to have something similar to the RPGauctions facebook group, which is 90% USA and Canada based, with most of the RPGs sold there being US / UK games, but more oriented towards the European market and associated RPGs.


If you are interested, you can have a look at the rules below and join the group here :


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Welcome to this new group (created in January of 2021) dedicated to selling secondhand roleplaying games between non-professionals. Its goal is to provide a platform dedicated to RPG sales WITH the possibility to do it with auctions. Selling at a set price remains possible.
This entails adhering to a number of rules that everyone should follow. Posts not following the rules will be refused by admins. Thanks for reading the rules below carefully and accept them before creating a new post.
This group has been alive for a short time and the rules may evolve in the future to adapt to specific needs in order to improve conditions of sales and auctions.
First things first, we remind everyone that posts and discussion should remain civil and benevolent. Any member posting insulting, disrespectful, racist, xenophobic or misogynist comments will be banned.
- A seller cannot have more than 6 active auctions at any given time.
- An auction can be made for a single item or a lot of items.
- A seller must regroup all his “fixed price” and/or “trade” items or lots into a single post.
- A finalized sale needs to be indicated as sold.
- Only RPG items (books and boxsets) can be posted. Other items related to RPG (novels, boardgames, figurines) can also be posted after being admin-approved.
- Direct links to other sites such as Ebay or marketplace and private groups are not authorized.
- Posts asking for estimation of items are not authorized in order to avoid hidden auctions through private messages. A seller can contact admins to ask for advice about the value of items he wants to sell.
- Comments and discussion should be dedicated to exchange information about items and the sale. No comment about price such as “it is too expensive” or “it is undervalued” will be tolerated.
- The seller cannot add more than one comment per day on his sale posts, in order to avoid abusive bumping of posts in the thread.
- Posts must contain the following elements:
A- Faithful description of the item and its condition. Do not forget to mention any issue within the books (such as underlining, stains, torn or missing pages…).
B- One (or better, several) picture(s).
C- Shipping method(s) and associated costs if they are not included in the price (fixed one or final auction). Specify location (country) and which shipping destinations are accepted or excluded.
D- Payment modality(ies).
The post needs to specify:
- A set price and/or trade possibilities
The auction is carried out by successive bids until the buyout price (if one is mentioned) or until the specified date and time ending the auction. Monitoring of the bids is the charge of the bidders and the seller. Admins will intervene only in case of dispute.
The post must thus specify:
- A starting price.
- A minimum amount for bids (+1€, +5€...).
- A buyout price if the seller wishes it. If not, the post must specify “no buyout”.
- A date and time for the end of the auction.
- Rules for duration extension if one or several bids are placed within a time interval close to the end of the auction. This is optional but should be specified if none is chosen. For example, “any bid placed within the last 15 minutes of the auction will extend the duration by one hour”.
Bids are public: they have to be posted as comments, not as private messages to the seller.
The auction is won by the bidder with the highest bid within the auction’s duration set by the seller.
The seller must comment after the end of the auction to identify the highest bidder and the corresponding price.
Administrators and moderators do not receive any commission on sales and auctions.
In case of dispute between members, it is not authorized to complain about or report another member publicly in the group. Please contact administrators and moderators and they will do what they can to help. However, it is important to emphasize that we cannot take any responsibility in case of grave issues such as scams. This will require relying on external legal solutions.
We strongly recommend to rely on secure payment means with assorted insurances.
If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the administrators or moderators.
We are human beings with familial and professional  requirements. We will answer as fast as possible.
Thank you.

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