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  1. You can also download it (more quickly) via this link : Rulebook - Draft version 1.0.1
  2. SentMa

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Just a word to announce that we are finalizing them, the fluent to order it will land in the coming weeks. :) Number 2 is a compendium on Conan with articles and the 3 mainly on the topic of MB: P. I push for sending / receiving current June. The remaining 400 copies of the number 1 will be reproposed. Do not hesitate to talk about it, and I remind you to register on the forum for the invitation. : Wizard:
  3. Disclaimer: a number of arguments developed in this article refer more specifically to “blockbusters” campaigns. Obviously, campaigns with more modest investments and objectives respond to different logic and face different issues. Last June, in an article entitled “Re-establishing the risk factor at the center of the model”, we expressed our will to break-up with the traditional intermediated model in the industry (editor-distributor-retailer-player). We proposed to substitute this model with a disintermediated model (editor-player). At the same time, we also announced our will to break-up with traditional Kickstarter (KS) marketing models, which relies on the illusion of “free” stretch-goals (i.e. elements of the game payed by the pledgers but presented to them as “gifts”). These stretch-goals (SG) serve two functions: Their first function is the one of “campaign dynamisation tools”, which explains why the variation of their differences is much more correlated with their expected effect on the pace of the campaign than with the reality of their cost of production. It would actually be relatively easy to demonstrate how much the impact of stretch goals is hypothetical and terribly over-estimated. At best, it is vague intuitions that have never been validated by any decent statistical studies. However, because they flatter the common sense by their apparent obviousness, they easily find the adhesion of the general public. The second function is to generate a significant value difference between the KS version and the retail version of the game, in order to justify the purchase through KS. Given the average waiting time of 18 months and given the fact that the financial risk of a KS campaign is actually transferred to the pledger, the value difference needs to be significant, otherwise, the decision will be in favour of the retail version of the game. The aim is thus to ensure that the KS version is a “far better deal” than its downgraded retail version. In this case, the SG needs to compensate for waiting time and risk. This value differential obviously has no longer any reason to be within a new framework that excludes; retail version, waiting time, risk of delays, non-delivery, or differences between expected and delivered product, from the equation. In the same article, we also expressed our will to share the value previously allocated to the intermediaries and to the stretch goals in a more equitable way between the pledgers and ourselves. The aim is the share the value added generated by the new model to consolidate our margins while pushing the prices down). When we wrote this article in June, we had not yet received quotes from all our suppliers. We have now. We can therefore progress from wishes to facts. The game Claustrophobia 1643 will be commercialised for a price of $79 (€68 at today’s rate). For this price, you will have: Here is the almost final content of Claustrophobia 1643 core box Content of the new version: Miniatures : 7 different minis for western warriors 13 different minis for the demons 2 different minis for the Hellhounds 11 troglodytes 2 tough troglodytes 48 Tiles individual boards for human and demon warriors engraved dice dedicated to the different factions and to the fights event cards, equipment cards and instinct cards a rulebook which contains 20 scenarios: 9 original scenarios 11 scenarios, rewritten or updated to integrate the evolutions of the game tokens, 3D tokens... Reacting to increasing competition on KS, in a context of rarefaction of new pledgers Since our first KS campaign (Conan, in January 2015), the competition on the platform has radically increased. The number of projects has literally exploded (with a 50% growth between 2014 – when we entered the sector – and 2017). Although the growth of the sector’s turnover is still greater than the growth of the number of projects, it is visible that the pool of new pledgers is growing at a far lower rate. This also indicates a probable shift of the consumption practices of those who are already pledgers, from retail to KS. Indeed, the higher growth of global turnover compared to the growth of new customers implies a higher propensity to spend by these already existing pledgers on the platform. If we hypothesise that delivery time, entry costs, and risks (of delay, of non-conformity, etc.) are the main barriers preventing new pledgers to join the platform, we can then imagine that if we manage to break those barriers, we would – in the end ­- be able to attract a new pool of pledgers to KS. Our development depends on the upcoming arrival these new pledgers. Competition will inevitably lead to lower margins (via lower prices or higher quality, probably a combination of both). We believe that lower margins will make the co-existence of the same titles on KS and in retail impossible. Indeed, the price difference between these two channels will mechanically widen, making it impossible to purchase titles financed on KS in retail. By coming out of the retail model, we are only preceding an unavoidable movement of dissociation of the two markets. Recent “blockbuster” campaigns show that pledgers’ interest for material profusion (including as part of stretch-goals) has decreased in the last few months. It seems that we can now write that the latest blockbuster campaigns have ALL achieved lower results than they would have in a prior market situation (say 18 months ago). This relative downturn of blockbusters can probably be explained by their increasing number. Customers have more projects to choose from, and therefore spread across these projects, diluting their participation in each project. In addition, the following mechanism occurs: Since the number of customers on KS is growing slower than it used to, we are evolving in an increasingly bounded market. Overall, the customers purchasing large miniatures games are always the same buyers. These customers are probably reaching saturation. The “penetration rate of miniatures” in their house is getting closer to a maximum, and storage space is becoming a problem, especially for those living in urban areas. The inflation of quantity of miniatures mechanically generates a devaluation of their unitary value (profusion effect). At the same time, the design and production costs of these miniatures have not decreased and are always transferred to the customers. Thus, we are now in a situation, in which the value of miniatures as SG is following the law of diminishing marginal returns. Since the SG system is incremental by nature, the relative value of each additional SG is decreasing, while its costs remain stable. Consequently, the value of the overall offer marginally decreases with the increase of the number of SG. This value decreases even more when the player already has a large number of miniatures. Furthermore, the profusion of material brought by the SG has a significant impact on shipping fees, which further influences the increase of the overall price. Thus, at Monolith, we think that the stretch-goals model is about to be outdated, and that it has created the conditions of its own obsolescence by contributing to the saturation of the market with a [material] of decreasing marginal interest (see above). SGs are costly both for ourselves and for our clients, whereas they become less and less interesting. Thus, we bet on lower prices rather than even more material. Indeed, we think that lower entry costs will encourage the growth of the community. Nonetheless, should we be proven wrong in the future, we would revert back to the old model. However, no one would be able to blame us for having tried. In any case, only two things are certain: We will know very soon if our bet was the right one (in October) Whatever we do, “haters gonna hate” 😉 Artwork by Pascal Quidault
  4. For the next KS campaign related to Conan, Monolith decided to let the community contribute to the choice of the new expansions through a poll.
  5. It's here for questions. ;)
  6. SentMa

    Temple 3D

    Version 1.0.1


    3D model (.STL files) officially provided by Monolith to make yourself a nice lost temple to replace the cardboard one from the box. :)
  7. I am sorry, but for the moment, we do not know if we will propose it, it is not a definitive no. Just that we do not know, given the sales on the 1st kickstarter and the low demand rate on the different polls. Yes, entirely. You can very well have Pantheon, your friend Ragnarok and play against each other.
  8. SentMa

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    I know well, I will organize myself differently for the next one.
  9. SentMa

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Hi all, Unfortunately, we will not be able to resend the fan made compendium. We made it as cheap as possible for everyone, but sending a new copy is not possible for us. Sorry for that.
  10. SentMa


    Hello. :)
  11. For the next compendium in english i am looking for a good address to print 1000-2000 booklets of 30-40 pages at a good price.Do you know a good printer to use in the US?
  12. "Go work, editor!" From Mr. Pascal Quidault.
  13. View File Upgrade Kit from Barbarian to King box content. To upgrade your Barbarian into a King box, you need to print these files and find some cool miniatures to use as proxies! Submitter SentMa Submitted 09/08/2017 Category Resources  
  14. SentMa

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Hi all, difficult to propose an official news: the booklets left 4-5 weeks ago and some are still on their way. Indeed, there is no tracking number , as it is a gift, we wanted it as cheap as possible.
  15. SentMa

    Zenobia profils

    Version 1.0.0


    Corrected Hero sheet from Corinthia: A Conan – Mythic Battles Crossover .pdf files provided by Monolith.
  16. SentMa

    N'Yaga profils

    Version 1.0.0


    Corrected Hero sheet from Corinthia: A Conan – Mythic Battles Crossover .pdf files provided by Monolith.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Corrected scenario from Corinthia: A Conan – Mythic Battles Crossover Don't forget the corrected Hero sheet for Zenobia 3 players - difficulty 2 .pdf files provided by Monolith.
  18. View File The amazon's dragon Corrected scenario from Corinthia: A Conan – Mythic Battles Crossover Don't forget the corrected Hero sheet for Zenobia 3 players - difficulty 2 .pdf files provided by Monolith. Submitter SentMa Submitted 03/16/2018 Category Official scenarios  
  19. SentMa

    Zenobia profils

    View File Zenobia profils Corrected Hero sheet from Corinthia: A Conan – Mythic Battles Crossover .pdf files provided by Monolith. Submitter SentMa Submitted 03/16/2018 Category Resources  
  20. SentMa

    N'Yaga profils

    View File N'Yaga profils Corrected Hero sheet from Corinthia: A Conan – Mythic Battles Crossover .pdf files provided by Monolith. Submitter SentMa Submitted 03/16/2018 Category Resources  
  21. SentMa

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to change the fan made compendium. We made it as cheap as possible for everyone, but sending a new copy is not possible for us. Sorry for that.
  22. SentMa

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Hello, I'm sorry but it's too late. We will certainly do a second wave a little later.

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