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  1. First mission is translated thanks to the help of @blapo ! First post is updated.
  2. I sent the translated first mission. If other are willing to help, you are welcome !
  3. Hi Blapo. Sorry for the delay. I can translate them, but I need some help for that. I don't want to deliver something in bad english. So if you are ready to read what I translate, and validate it, I will do that. Cheers
  4. Hi, guys! I I made a solo/coop campaign for Batman, based on the solo coop rules of Conan : http://www.monolithedition.com/download/Conan/Rulebook/ConanTheConqueror_Solo-Rules_WIP-EN.pdf These rules are really simple, but only mission built with these rules can be played. I can sum up them in three points : + If there are X tiles in the river, prepare X tokens numbered from 1 to X, with a common backside You can also use cards instead for exemple. + Activate 3 tiles randomly with the tokens (if there are no miniature associated with the tile,
  5. 3 players - Hard - King box + SG + Kushites A scenario featuring Zelata and her wolve, Balthus and Slasher and the Kushite hunters. This is might be the story of the sword where Epimetreus engrave a silver phenix for the King Conan. This story take many years before the coronation of the King Conan. Download : ASwordForConan.pdf
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