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  1. @Roolz Thanks for the info. This is really excellent. The hero board template completely suits my needs for this project. I would like to echo Ken's sentiment regarding your contributions to the game, the LOS maps have saved me a lot of time while playing with my sometimes rather competitive gaming-group. Regards, Pieter
  2. @Ken Thanks for your reply. I will see what I can manage. My photoshop skills are rather lacking at the moment, but this is probably just the right incentive to start learning 🙂 I will share the results here after a while. Kind regards, Pieter
  3. Hi @drmauric, thanks for the prompt reply. I will wait for Ken’s reply. Regards, Pieter
  4. Dear Dan and Ken, Thanks for the work on this booklet and the Whispers from Stygia booklet. I have yet to try the scenario's (still working my way through the scenario's shipped with the game and in the expansions) but they look interesting and both booklets are produced to a very high standard. It is amazing to see what can be done by talented and dedicated fans. I am currently working on an English language game-aid with reworded versions of the different skills. I have seen the Book of Skelos: Skills game-aid in the downloads, but I have more use for a 1 A4 player-aid which play
  5. (Note to admin: I think this question should be on this board, if the general rules board is more applicable feel free to move this conversations). Greetings fellow barbarians, Reading through the new batman scenario book (which looks excellent by the way) I noticed the pages with board rules at the end of the book. They seem very complete and most likely resolve the kind of difficulties made Conan player's lives difficult when the game was just released. It would be nice if the Conan team could create a similar document for Conan, probably by combining the existing boa
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