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  1. Originally I didn't think I would care for the 1v1 system, but it is growing on me. I prefer this KS rather than Batman because I like the Conan IP better and the minis can be used in other game systems. The progress of this campaign has disappointed me, since I have no doubt that the next Conan KS would be the adventure mode Red Nails that we all wanted. What really has me upset is the attitude I saw from people wishing ill-will on Monolith. Instead of voting with their wallets and not buying it, they started screaming from the rooftops that Monolith should fail and/or go out of business. And it wasn't just casual commenting, there were people camping out to shout down anyone who tried to remain positive. There is a difference between expressing an opinion and aggressively trying to sabotage a campaign. As a fan, I put a lot of effort into making fan-made scenarios for this community, and now I feel like this community stabbed me in the back.
  2. Absolutely, that would be great! For our last campaign, Whispers from Stygia, someone with the username Chips on the French forum translated. You might want to reach out to him for help/advice.
  3. Chronicles of Vengeance "Know, oh Prince, that in the early days of Conan's reign as King in Aquilonia, deep ran the inevitable streams of offense. Real or imagined, in all corners of the kingdom, sulked those whose pride, fortune or self was wounded in one manner or another by the Cimmerian's meteoric ascent to power." These scenarios are meant to be played as a campaign where the players accumulate equipment, spells, and other elements. It follows the solo/cooperative rules laid out in the Monolith Source Book published by Modiphius Entertainment for rules such as Overlord activations, hero targeting, Overlord re-rolls, and allowed skills. Please note that the Campaign rules for Chronicles of Vengeance differ from the Monolith Source Book campaign, The Lost Scrawlings of Skelos. This campaign requires the Conan Core game as well as the following expansions: King’s Pledge Stygia Khitai Nordheim Forbidden Places and Pits of Horror (Modiphius tiles) Perilous Ruins and Forgotten Cities (Modiphius tiles) Chronicles of Vengeance introduces a new archetype: the Summoner. Summoners are Sorcerers who turned to the darker arts. In addition to the standard Sorcerer options, Chronicles of Vengeance offers new printable character sheets in an appendix for Summoners, as well as for playable Demons. Chronicles of Vengeance was written by the Nemedian Chroniclers, a group of fans dedicated to making high quality Conan scenarios. If you enjoy playing these scenarios, please leave a comment letting us know, or feel free to share tales and photos of your adventures. Download Chronicles of Vengeance Print Version Chronicles of Vengeance Print.pdf Download Chronicles of Vengeance Web Version Chronicles of Vengeance Web.pdf Download Chronicles of Vengeance Appendix Print Version (Letter - US) Chronicles of Vengeance Appendix.pdf
  4. I don't know if this has been discussed, but if looks like kits will be available for the monster boxes. Being an all-in MBP backer, I already have the minis, but I will probably go this route so I can write Adventure Mode campaigns using some of these monsters.
  5. I know this app isn't getting a lot of acknowledgement here, but this app is fantastic for both designing and playing scenarios. I have already found it very useful (as well as the other site Footballzs mentioned). I love the fan dedication to this game. I love the idea of adding scenarios to this app. Since you already added the ability for the user to mark which products they have, if you include sort/filter functionality for the scenarios, it would help people a lot. As a creator of fan-made scenarios, I would love it if you included some fan-made scenarios, but quality control for that might be a significant task. Have you shared this on the Conan Facebook groups? Also, are you planning on adding anything for the upcoming solo/coop mode?
  6. If you are hinting at what I think you are, I would be very excited for more people to get their hands on this box.
  7. Looks great! Probably be a while until I paint MBP.
  8. Yeah, I am curious to see what the Second Life initiative is about. Here is my list: CMON (Zombicide, Massive Darkness, Trudvang Legends) Grimlord Games (Village Attacks & Everrain) Dark Gate Games (Vampire Hunters & Dark Rituals) Diemention Games (Deep Madness) Emergent Games (Fireteam Zero)
  9. It will be part of a solo/co-op campaign that is in the works. It will include that one and a whole lot more.
  10. I never saw this post, so I can't help, but I hope someone has it and can give it to you. The scenario and map look interesting.
  11. Got another one done tonight! My wife helped get this one started.
  12. Some things are hard to envision until they are painted. I have plenty of things that are painted differently than the original design, but as long as I'm happy with it, I don't care. It's not like Crom is judging us. 🙂
  13. I like the idea, but I would mess up freehand. Those almost look klingon to me. In English he is named Warlock.
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