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  1. Tales of the North Special Edition "The North?” rumbled the Red-Haired Woman, seated across from a soft faced lad. She slowly lowered the mug of ale at her lips until it thunked on the table. When she continued menace edged her voice. “Aye, I am of the North. What’s it to you?" Many months ago the Nemedian Chroniclers recruited a group of hardy scribes from all across the land. These scribes were tasked to travel into far reaches of Nordheim in search of wondrous tales and treasures. Instead, the few who returned, frost bitten and mad, in their moments of fevered consciousness
  2. Doh! Clearing my cache did it! Thanks.
  3. FYI - For this new version, the search/filter menu for the Encyclopedia is completely transparent and unusable on my Chrome browser on Android,.
  4. Thanks for your continued work on this! I love this app and use it all the time.
  5. FYI - Those aren't expansions. Those people are selling individual pieces from the kickstarter stretch goals. Like Seaorgrudy said, get the King pledge (which contains all the stretch goals) if you can, or the Barbarian pledge (which contains most of the stretch goals) instead of buying them piecemeal. Board Game Geek has a good list of Conan expansions here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/160010/conan/expansions?pageid=1
  6. Hey Nesh-Shogta, what do you think about this for the cover for a hardback book version? It has to be one page, because the endsheets are Lulu's default white. Also, since the book is thin, the spine is on the cover, but I was under the impression that you wanted it that way. SOD_front_back_cover_hardback.pdf
  7. View File Rock Pool Board & Setup The Rock Pool map was released digitally as a special gift after the original Kickstarter campaign. Submitter Ken Submitted 03/17/2021 Category Resources  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    The Rock Pool map was released digitally as a special gift after the original Kickstarter campaign.
  9. I can assure you, it is NOT a simple task. 🙂
  10. Here is a history & gameplay video for the original Mythic Battles Kickstarter. I combined the videos for easier viewing. Gods gods.mp4 Heroes Heroes.mp4 Monsters Monsters.mp4
  11. If you like the scenarios, I would love to read your reviews and see your game pictures if you post them on Facebook.
  12. Love this upgrade! Well done.
  13. View File Othryades Hero Sheet Othryades was a promotional figure that came with the original Kickstarter to promote Mythic Battles. This hero sheet let's you use him as a hero. This is only available via download. Submitter Ken Submitted 02/04/2021 Category Resources  
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