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  1. If you are hinting at what I think you are, I would be very excited for more people to get their hands on this box.
  2. Looks great! Probably be a while until I paint MBP.
  3. Yeah, I am curious to see what the Second Life initiative is about. Here is my list: CMON (Zombicide, Massive Darkness, Trudvang Legends) Grimlord Games (Village Attacks & Everrain) Dark Gate Games (Vampire Hunters & Dark Rituals) Diemention Games (Deep Madness) Emergent Games (Fireteam Zero)
  4. It will be part of a solo/co-op campaign that is in the works. It will include that one and a whole lot more.
  5. I never saw this post, so I can't help, but I hope someone has it and can give it to you. The scenario and map look interesting.
  6. Got another one done tonight! My wife helped get this one started.
  7. LOL. I like way your mind thinks.
  8. Some things are hard to envision until they are painted. I have plenty of things that are painted differently than the original design, but as long as I'm happy with it, I don't care. It's not like Crom is judging us. 🙂
  9. I like the idea, but I would mess up freehand. Those almost look klingon to me. In English he is named Warlock.
  10. I didn't see any posts on poor Khemsa, so I'm starting one. I made a hero sheet for him and will play him in a new scenario I'm working on, so I figured he needed to be painted.
  11. @Not Quite Dead Looks good! Here is mine.
  12. Here is my Balthus. I switched from Quickshade to washes. I like the results so far.
  13. @Epaka Thanks for the advice. I've been worried about those white robes (and Zeus is my favorite god, so I don't want to mess them up).
  14. Not my best work. I think I need to stop using Quickshade and start using washes.
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