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  1. Here is the MBR Nemesis v1 book for download and discussion. MBR_Nemesis_Rulebook_EN_v1_WIP.pdf
  2. I can't say enough about how great this app is. I use it all the time.
  3. The upcoming Gods of the North expansion from Mythic Battles Ragnarok has a good proxy for Yogah.
  4. Good question, and I can see that I wasn't clear in the rules. A caster with Borne by the Wind can fly over both lava and fire. Of course, if they start their turn on the ground in an area with fire, they take the damage before casting the spell.
  5. Great questions! For this campaign, Boons are attached to a Hero, not an Archetype. I want players to use the same heroes for this campaign. I only provided the option to change heroes for thematic reasons, but it will cost them their Boon. If they die, and return with the same Hero, they get to keep their Boon. Scenario rules override general rules. However, I don't recall any scenario rules that override the loot rule. Now that I think about it, the Defeat section is unnecessary because each scenario details how to proceed (replay the scenario or continue). Yes. I guess it could read "get all the items they found during the scenario"
  6. Yes, there is an official RN campaign starting this year (but I wouldn't say "too").
  7. The Nemedian Chroniclers are working pretty heavy on a different Conan project right now. We will circle back around to this once R** N**** is done.
  8. I think the skeletons came as a stretch goal for MBP. If you didn't get it, you might need to proxy it.
  9. Sorry, this is just a softcover version.
  10. @Sir Kelsag Yes, there is a special edition in the works with revised scenarios (possibly some new ones) and a few other extras, but it will be a while before it is released. There are a few projects ahead of it in the queue.
  11. Thanks for letting me know. I posted a new version so anyone downloading it going forward will have the correct title.
  12. Sorry, I don't believe there is a streamlined way to add the Modiphius tiles, and the source files I use aren't available to the public.
  13. Tales of the South Special Edition "Under the caverned pyramids great Set coils asleep; Among the shadows of the tombs his dusky people creep. I speak the Word from the hidden gulfs that never knew the sun—Send me a servant for my hate, oh scaled and shining One." - The Phoenix on the Sword Tales of the South Special Edition is a collection of fan-made scenarios for both Adventure Mode and Solo/Co-op. Seven authors deliver 22 scenarios focused primarily on the Stygia expansion for both Adventure mode and Solo/Co-op mode. See the table of contents for full requirements. We are providing this special edition in three formats: 1. Web Version - this is a single PDF file that you can use digitally. The images have been compressed. CONAN_Tales_of_the_South_Web.pdf 2. Self Print - this is a single PDF file that you can print at home or your local print shop. CONAN_Tales_of_the_South_Self_Print.pdf 3. Hardcover Edition - this is two PDF files, one for the cover and the second for the interior content that you can send to a print-on-demand service for a hardback book. I will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Lulu, if you choose them as your print-on-demand service. CONAN_Tales_of_the_South_Hardback_Interior.pdf EDIT: The original post had the incorrect title on the hardback cover. This is the corrected version. Tales_Of_The_South_Cover_v3.pdf Hardcover Printing Instructions for Lulu Since this is a free, fan-made book, I am not morally or legally allowed to set up a print on demand distribution. Which means you will need to set up an account with a print on demand company and upload files for printing (for personal use only). The directions I list below are for the company Lulu, but you are free to use any print on demand company you choose. Go to lulu.com and create an account. Under the CREATE tab, click the PRINT BOOKS option. Click the button START YOUR PRINT BOOK Enter your login credentials In the START YOUR PROJECT section, choose PRINT BOOK In the SELECT YOUR GOAL section, choose PRINT YOUR BOOK. (Do NOT select Publish your book for sale on Amazon. You will get sued. 🙂 ) In the BOOK DETAILS section, enter a project title of your choice. I recommend Tales of the South. Enter a language and CATEGORY, which is required. Click the DESIGN YOUR PROJECT button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the Design page In the INTERIOR FILE UPLOAD section, upload the file named “CONAN_Tales_of_the_South_Hardback_Interior.pdf” Wait for the file to upload and normalize. This can take a few minutes. Be patient and get yourself a cold beverage. When the upload finishes, you will see some warnings. Like most warnings in life, feel free to ignore these. In the BOOK SPECIFICATIONS section, the BOOK SIZE AND PAGE COUNT should already be pre-filled. In the INTERIOR COLOR section, choose COLOR PREMIUM for the best quality color. In the PAPER TYPE section, choose 80# COATED WHITE for the best paper quality. In the BOOK BINDING section, choose HARDCOVER. Feel free to choose a different binding if that floats your boat. In the COVER FINISH section, choose GLOSSY or MATTE, your choice. Wait a moment for the PRINT COST to load. This is a printing fee for Lulu, and I do not receive a penny of this, nor does Monolith. In the DESIGN YOUR COVER section, make sure the UPLOAD COVER FILE option is selected. Upload the file named “CONAN_Tales_of_the_South_Hardback_Cover.pdf” After a minute, the PREVIEW will load. This preview will give you a basic idea of what the book will be like, but it is just a preview and not super-high quality. When you are ready, click the REVIEW BOOK link at the bottom. This brings you to a page where you can review the final specifications. Click the checkbox next to CONFIRM BOOK SPECIFICATIONS AND FILES Click the ADD TO CART button when it becomes enabled Click the CART icon at the top of the page and make the purchase. The shipping will vary depending where you are located. (Also keep an eye out for discount codes on the home page.) Feel free to print a copy for yourself or your friends, but DO NOT PRINT COPIES FOR SALE. Note: The hardback book you receive from Lulu will not be perfect. There might be alignment issues with the binding, scratches, the interior margins might be tight, and the endsheets will be a boring white. That being said, it will still kick ass!
  14. @zombocom Good strategy on this one. I might have to fix this trick for the revised edition. Glad I didn't post it yet! How have the other scenarios been? Fun? Challenging? Cant wait to hear how the rest play out.
  15. Here's an advance copy of the high res appendix files. I did not include Shubba because there is an official version of Shubba and I don't want to have two versions floating around. I am also not including the Winged Ape for this reason. CONAN_Chronicles_of_Vengeance_Appendix_FINAL.pdf
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