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  1. Community Generated Campaign

    I like it. It's simple and fairly balanced while keeping a sense of progression.
  2. Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S I was trying to create a chart interpretation of your VP suggestion but with placeholder values. You are correct, though, that I didn't include level ups for losing. Rereading your original suggestion, I realize that I was making it more complicated with my chart. Is this what you originally had in mind? Overlord 4 VP | Heroes 0 (Overlord get A and B | Heroes get X or Y) Overlord 3 VP | Heroes 1 (Overlord get A and B | Heroes get X or Y) Overlord 2 VP | Heroes 2 (Overlord get A and B | Heroes get X and Y) Overlord 1 VP | Heroes 3 (Overlord get A or B | Heroes get X and Y) Overlord 0 VP | Heroes 4 (Overlord get A or B | Heroes get X and Y)
  3. Community Generated Campaign

    I like both of these. I have mocked up a sample chart to show the variable skill purchases based on Victory Points. Bonuses and values are just placeholders. Also, would ALL heroes get bonuses, or would it cost 1 VP per hero? Overlord 4 VP | Heroes 0 (Overlord tiles get +1 armor AND +1 yellow die) Overlord 3 VP | Heroes 1 (Overlord tiles get +1 armor AND +1 yellow die | Heroes get +1 defense) Overlord 2 VP | Heroes 2 (Overlord tiles get +1 armor AND +1 yellow die | Heroes get +1 defense AND +1 Reroll) Overlord 1 VP | Heroes 3 (Overlord tiles get +1 armor | Heroes get +1 defense AND +1 Reroll) Overlord 0 VP | Heroes 4 (Heroes get +1 defense AND +1 Reroll)
  4. Community Generated Campaign

    Works for me.
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych I think he means we will submit our near finished scenarios and then begin group playtesting.
  6. Community Generated Campaign

    @drmauric I like this idea.
  7. Community Generated Campaign

    @drmauric Alternatively, instead of learning the lighting bolt spell, I could use the scepter and make Haddy carry it around it order to cast the spell. @Matt John S@drmauric @Neil Amswych @Primeval Seeing it's the final scenario, I anticipate making tweaks to balance from progression carry-overs. This is why I am OK with Hadrathus getting the gem storing spellbook or characters getting extra gems/and or rerolls. I will take a look at the possible maximum and minimum bonuses and try to balance the scenario for the average. For example, if Hadrathus is going to have more gems, that means he can use more gems for defense, which means I might take away his Mitra's Halo. Or maybe I will give Thoth Amon more health, or more guards. There are plenty of variables that can be tweaked. Also, if we are going to allow the heroes to use VP to upgrade their defense (yikes!), then we should allow the Overlord to use his VP to add 1 yellow die to the base attack for the tiles in the river or something like that.
  8. Community Generated Campaign

    No, I was going on the assumption that the ongoing demon would be killed in a previous scenario. I used the Outer Dark Demon because he has to be difficult to catch, since he is carrying an artifact.
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    I love this mechanic, but this will affect The Streets of Khemi in two ways: 1. I am using the spellbook as a chest item in the Streets of Khemi. I will need to find a different item that will teach Hadrathus the lighting bolt spell. 2. Hadrathus is the only one who can kill Thoth Amon, and this will make him a little more powerful. I might need to compensate by making the heroes a little weaker. This leads me to a question: Is your spellbook idea conditional, or will Hadrathus definitely get the spellbook?
  10. Community Generated Campaign

    Agreed. On our first playtest, the Overlord won on the 2nd turn just by spending all gems on movement. After some more playtests, if needed I can change the boarding planks to add an extra space or two.
  11. Community Generated Campaign

    OK, I have the first draft of The Streets of Khemi. This is actually a revised version (my gaming group play-tested the original a couple of times last weekend). Obviously, the story will need tweaking, but I think the general premise captures what we discussed. Of course, we will need plenty of play-testing and revisions, but I wanted to make this available. As far as the alternate final battle, I would be happy to tackle that with my idea in the ruined fort with Yogah as the bad-guy. I will work on that soon. The Streets of Khemi.pdf
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    I have the beginnings of an idea for the alternate final scenario (Ruined Fortress) and wanted to run it by you all. I recall someone suggesting an idea about a scenario where Thoth Amon is trying to gather an idol to either resurrect or take control of Yogah of Yag. If a scenario like that is written and the heroes lose, Yogah of Yag would end up working for Thoth Amon. Here's my idea: Thoth Amon now controls a corrupted Yogah of Yag, who leads the Stygian armies north. This army has won major battles in both Shem and Argos, swelling its ranks with both living mercenaries and the dead, and now threatens the southern border of Aquilonia. Conan gathers his forces and marches south to meet this overwhelming force. He knows the true Yogah of Yag would rather die than cause such evil destruction, and sets out with an elite team to infiltrate the ruined fortress where the evil army is camped with one goal: to kill Yogah. Here is the twist: the Overlord plays Yogah (with the character sheet) in addition to the standard two tiles per round. This should make it especially difficult for the heroes (which I always love to do :) ), but also rather epic. I don't have the scenario mapped out yet (I am waiting to see what the group things of the framework first) but it would be cool to have a dual purpose event tile, where activating the tile helps the Overlord, but each use of the tile also allows Yogah to fight back just a little against the possession, perhaps by inflicting a wound on himself, thus aiding the heroes. Thoughts?
  13. Conan franchise is returning to Marvel

    I absolutely agree with @Epaka on this, although I think the decline began a little earlier (with the road of kings). Agreed, although I think the chances of this happening are either slim or non-existent. With my luck, they will have Conan magically teleported to modern day or something.
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    @drmauric Yeah, @tet2brick is pretty awesome.