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  1. I love this! I wanted to paint him metal, but couldn't gather up the courage, so I blended flesh color and metal together. I'm not really happy with the result. Looking at yours, I think I might go back and redo him.
  2. Looking good! I haven't painted mine yet.
  3. This is an unofficial adaptation of the original version of In the Clutches of the Picts adapted to the Monolith Sourcebook's solo/ co-op rules. While some of the rules might look familiar, pay attention the details because there might be subtle differences to make the scenario a suitable challenge. Download the PDF: In the Clutches of the Picts (Solo).pdf
  4. LOL, the version in the Book of Set doesn't have the flame tokens. Now I see Monolith updated the version on the website to include the flame tokens.
  5. Does anyone know where to officially place the reinforcement tokens?
  6. Here's mine. I agree with you on the tiger's stats. Pretty weak. I like the scenario, though. I use it as a tutorial for beginners.
  7. I have to agree with Lone Pathfinder, especially on the maps and map tiles!
  8. I love this game and your painted minis! (I haven't gotten around to painting mine yet, though.)
  9. By the way, @Roolz, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of your contributions to the game. Your line-of-sight maps have a permanent place in my scenario printout book.
  10. Looking forward to what you come up with!
  11. @pietervreeburg I extracted the images from the PDF rulebook. Just open it with Adobe Photoshop instead of Adobe Acrobat. You will get a screen that asks if you want to open a PAGE or an IMAGE. If you choose IMAGE, it loads every image in the book and you can choose which one to open.
  12. Reposting for Dan... Tales of the North v4.pdf Welcome to the North! I am thrilled to present my first ever collection of home-made scenarios for Conan by Monolith. Tales of the North is a collaborative effort between Ken Meyri and myself to collect 6 scenarios based on the Norheim expansion in a nice downloadable PDF booklet format. Tales of the North features a 3 page fan fiction intro, 3 scenarios that have been previously posted on the Overlord, along with 3 brand new scenarios exclusive to this booklet. Kunnia: a brand new scenario that involves sled dog racing! Fast, furious and replayable. Try it as a tounament. The Blasphemy of Gwaednerth: more of an encounter than a scenario, written to highlight a new miniature from Barbaric Splendor. (www.barbaricsplendor.com) Includes a new Hero card. Rescue in Nordheim: co-written with Ken, this scenario brings the story begun in the introduction to a chilling conclusion. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Maybe, if there's enough interest, we will do a booklet for one of the other big box expansions in the future. (Tales of the North requires a King Pledgle and the Nordheim, Vanir Valkyrie, Demon of the Earth, Giant Wolves and Crossbowmen expansions. Components from Stygia and Corinthia are also used but substitution suggestions are made within the scenarios.)
  13. Can't wait to try this. I am still waiting for the book/tiles to be printed and shipped. Shouldn't be long now.
  14. Yes, Chips made one and posted it on the French website. Here is the link: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/2445-lombre-venue-de-stygie-fren/
  15. Agreed. Anyone can carry it. By the way, I guess that rule should hold for every scenario, but this is the only scenario that it isn't usable.
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