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  1. Thanks for the thorough review! This mission isn't timed, so no worries about a stalemate. I made a bunch of changes since this play-test, the two biggest being 1) replacing the scorpions with assassins and 2) adding mind control in a chest in the catacombs so Hadrathus can potentially help Conan even before he reaches the ruined fort.
  2. Community Generated Campaign

    This works out well! It is not essential to have the crowns, but the heroes will definitely want to try for them.
  3. Community Generated Campaign

    No worries. Thanks for summarizing in the first place!
  4. Community Generated Campaign

    Actually, I think we should standardize the crown benefits as +1 armor against spells and protection from mind control We wouldn't need it added to Fight or Flight necessarily. I guess the questions are: 1. Does adding a Xuthal's Crown as a chest item that can be carried over between quests detract from Fight or Flight? 2. Does adding Xuthal's Crowns break any scenarios? 3. Does adding Xuthal's Crowns needlessly complicate the campaign? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes," then I suggest we drop them from the discussion.
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    True. It might also be overwhelming with talk of progression without concrete rules. Maybe we will have more input once the scenarios are available along with the overview rules. If need be, we can bundle the scenarios and rules into one big PDF (and get a fancy graphic for the cover) and call it finished by posting it on Facebook, BGG, and here. Then, when people start ripping it to shreds, we can thank them for being beta testers and make revisions. :) (Is that wrong? You can tell I prefer playing the evil overlord, can't you?)
  6. Community Generated Campaign

    Yeah. Actually cutting my game board would have make by OCD explode. :)
  7. Community Generated Campaign

    Just folded it.
  8. Community Generated Campaign

    Some photos from recent playtesting for The Streets of Khemi. This scenario needs a lot of work. Right now it can swing way too much.
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S When you get a chance, can you replace the PDF for The Trap with this one? I know you wanted to provide links to avoid this, but since that won't work, would you rather I create a new post under Draft Campaigns and then you can just direct the link there? That way, I can update it as needed without bugging you each time. By the way, we will also need to do this for The Streets of Khemi. (And it might also be worthwhile to have all the scenarios hosted as their own post in Draft Scenarios on this site rather than linking to the scenario editor. Just a thought.) 5b - The Trap.pdf
  10. Online scenario editor

    I know the feeling. Why is Microsoft in the browser business? :)
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like it! - Thoth Amon actually does have spells. So does Atali. They must have been cut off when I was working on the PDF. I will add them back when I add the Xuthal's Crowns and then re-upload the scenario. - Yogah does roll for damage when he goes Cautious. - You played correctly. If Conan is hindered, you can say "I try to use my free movement point to move to Atali, but these guards aren't letting me go." If Conan adds some gems for movement, though, the move would have to be closer to Atali. (Thematically, the guards could have special orders to let Conan fall further into the trap, but this scenario had enough special rules already.)
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    Maybe next week, after @Matt John S posts his scenario and I get mine finalized, we can post on Board Game Geek for playtesters. Also, I wonder how many French Conan fans also speak English? It might be worth posting a link on the French forum for playtesters.
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    The more I think about this, the more I like it. For both of my scenarios, I think I will have the crowns provide protection from mind control AND +1 armor against all spell attacks (including unblockable damage). The heroes can decide at the beginning of the scenario who gets the crown. This will front-load some meaningful choices, especially in The Trap, where Conan could use the help - but he is already struggling with weight. If he drops the crown, Yogah could pick it up and use it, which would then offer him the protections. If these benefits break any of the scenarios, then I suggest we just have the heroes set the crowns aside until the final scenario. However, if everyone is OK including them, I think they should be allowed in any scenario, but if they are dropped then they are lost.
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    If the scenarios are consecutive, then they would need to carry them throughout the campaign. If that is the case, they should at least provide a benefit in those scenarios (for example, some form of spell protection). It might be too late to include something like that, though.
  15. Community Generated Campaign

    Good catch. Originally, I had intended for the heroes to potentially receive either one or both of the Xuthal's Crowns in a previous scenario (perhaps as chest items) which carried through to the final battle. If they can't be worked into a previous scenario, then I will need to add them as chest items within the Streets of Khemi. (Note: If we can work them into a previous scenario, then players can choose who starts with the crowns. In addition, I will need to figure out how to add them to The Trap.) Thanks. I hope so.