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  1. Yes, Chips made one and posted it on the French website. Here is the link: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/2445-lombre-venue-de-stygie-fren/
  2. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    Agreed. Anyone can carry it. By the way, I guess that rule should hold for every scenario, but this is the only scenario that it isn't usable.
  3. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    I can answer this one: Always active.
  4. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    Neil Amswych @Primeval @Matt John S @drmauric It looks like some members of the French community are working on a translation. If no one objects, I am going to offer them my source files so they can compile the translation into the same package. Does that work for everyone?
  5. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych @Primeval @Matt John S @Footballzs @drmauric Has anybody had trouble printing the first few pages of the campaign?
  6. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    I went ahead and posted it under downloadable scenarios. I will also post a link on Board Game Geek, but Facebook will have to wait until tomorrow.
  7. Whispers from Stygia "Know, O Prince, that in the time when Conan the Cimmerian sat upon the Throne of Aquilonia there arose whispers from Stygia. Whispers of a scheming sorcerer whose black heart was set upon vengeance..." Whispers from Stygia is a campaign designed by the Conan Overlord Community at the-overlord.net. It requires the Core game, as well as the following expansions: Stygia, Khitai, Nordheim, Yogah of Yag, and the Crossbowmen. The outcome of each scenario will determine how well equipped the heroes and overlord are when they meet in the final scenario, which will determine the winner. Download campaign: Whispers from Stygia.pdf
  8. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S @drmauric @Primeval @Neil Amswych OK, here is the updated PDF of the printable cards: Card Bonus.pdf I also attached it to the Whispers from Stygia PDF, which is ready to go. Matt, should I go ahead and create the post in Downloadable Scenarios, or do you want that under you? Here is a screenshot of what I was thinking:
  9. Nevermind. I forgot that Atali is already using the Kiss of Death, so that option is out. Regardless, I think the better option is to change the bonus.
  10. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    Here are the cards to keep track of the bonuses for review. I'm not an expert with print dimensions, so let's consider this a rough draft until I get to see what they look like printed. I will attach the high quality PDF version to the campaign when we are ready. 1. Do these look good? Did I miss anything? 2. Based on Footballz's feedback, we brainstormed an idea that the VP Bonus could be limited to non-spell damage (see the playtest hub thread for more details). I included that limitation in these cards, but I can easily change it back. If we go this route, I will change the VP section of the rules.
  11. @Footballzs That's not a bad idea. The limitation could apply to both sides to equal it out. By the way, how would Kiss of Death have affected your recent playtest? I assume the heroes would have won, since Hadrathus could have sacrificed himself to do that last point of damage, but would it still have come down to the wire?
  12. I was worried about how the victory points would affect The Streets of Khemi. I am also concerned about how they will affect The Trap. Here are some options: 1. Change The Streets of Khemi to make the hero spellcaster more powerful. Unfortunately, the best spells to use are from the King set, which we aren't using. Alternates include: a) Pestilential Swarm (which I think is WAY too powerful if carried by Hadrathus), and b) Kiss of Death (which might be climactic because Hadrathus would have to sacrifice himself to use it, but it is also pretty powerful with 3 red re-rollable dice.). 2. Change the Xuthals Crown to provide +1 spell damage. This would compensate for the OL VP armor bonus. However, if the OL doesn’t get the VP armor bonus, it might make it too easy for the heroes. 3. Leave it as it. Thoughts?
  13. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    We revamped the VP rewards. At 3:2, I am pretty sure it is +1 armor for both sides.
  14. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    OK, here is the latest and greatest version. Changes include: 1. Revised version of Dreams of Atali. (Note: Matt, I fixed a typo in the Overlord's Objectives section (thier instead of their) and I tightened up the spacing to eliminate white space. Please check that everything is accurate.) 2. Updated the table to include the reference to Attack and Defense bonuses 3. Fixed the opening sentence of the Carryover Items section 4. Fixed a typo in the Prologue. I am waiting for Footballz feedback on the Streets of Khemi before I call this thing finished, but we are pretty darn close. I also plan on tacking on a page at the end with the printable cards. I will include enough for each hero to have their own.
  15. Ken

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S @Primeval @Neil Amswych @drmauric I was brainstorming our launch plan once this is finished. What do you all think of the following? 1. Create a new thread here on the-overlord.net with a title announcing the completed book. 2. A thread on Board Game Geek pointing to the-overlord.net thread. 3. A thread on the on the-overlord.com pointing to the-overlord.net thread. 4. A post on the Facebook Conan group. I think we should lead with the cover image to grab attention and point to the-overlord.net thread. 5. A duplicate post on the Monolith Conan Facebook group. There is probably a lot of crossover in terms of membership, but it still is worthwhile. 6. A duplicate post on the Facebook Miniatures A-Z group. Again, probably some crossover but well worth it. 7. Remove links in our development and testing threads to the campaign book and individual scenarios. 8. Perhaps we could make a note at the top of these other threads indicating the project is done and provide a link to the new, finalized thread. Note: This is to prevent version control issues. Nothing can be done about already downloaded files, but we want newcomers to only have access to the final, approved version. That's it. I'm out of ideas, but open to additional thoughts.

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