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  1. @zombocom Good strategy on this one. I might have to fix this trick for the revised edition. Glad I didn't post it yet! How have the other scenarios been? Fun? Challenging? Cant wait to hear how the rest play out.
  2. Here's an advance copy of the high res appendix files. I did not include Shubba because there is an official version of Shubba and I don't want to have two versions floating around. I am also not including the Winged Ape for this reason. CONAN_Chronicles_of_Vengeance_Appendix_FINAL.pdf
  3. I've got a new high res version of the cover to go along with the updated book.
  4. I will be uploading high res hero sheets and the new Overlord tile, but I don't think I will update the boon cards.
  5. That came out pretty well! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the campaign.
  6. @zombocom That looks awesome! Did you have to add pages to get it printed as a hardback? Can you show interior pics? The revised version I am working on has updated layout to match the new Tome of Skelos and a few clarifications, but otherwise is the same content.
  7. @zombocom I actually created a Lulu version that uses the new solo/coop formatting. There were some serious formatting changes that I believe will make it easier to play and a fancy new Beheading chart. The booklet is in the proofreading process now. I still haven't found a production quality solution for the appendix files. If you have any ideas on that front, let me know.
  8. Wow, this new version looks great. That cover is sweet, and I love that nothing needs to be printed. I have no idea when I could find the time to play it, but I am tempted to print it out on Lulu to add to my collection for a rainy day (or week). (I wouldn't mind having the title on the spine English style instead of French style, however. 🙂 )
  9. Yeah, I was going to say that moving the demon/snake into Conan's path would slow him down. The debris would also help, but Conan has a lot of movement points to spare, so I would probably start with the snake. The cool thing about this scenario is playing it again and trying a different strategy. Or swapping sides.
  10. Roolz is correct, Thotmekri /Xaltotun can activate, he just can't move. Demetrio, can describe the Hero and Overlord actions for turns 1 and 2 that enabled Conan to reach Thotmekri /Xaltotun so quickly?
  11. Eventually there will be a Lulu version, but it will be a while. The difficulty is that there is a lot of custom print stuff besides the booklet (hero sheets and cards). I want everything to be professional quality. I found a Lulu-style printer for the cards, but not for the hero sheets.
  12. Possibly, but I would need to reformat it. I really love this campaign.
  13. The Burning Heart of Ahriman "Know, O Prince, that ancient gods rose and fell like the waves. Once such god, Ahriman, summoned all manner of creatures who tormented mankind in ways no longer spoken. As Ahriman’s power waned, these creatures were hunted near extinction, for revenge ever burns in the heart of mankind." The Burning Heart of Ahriman is a 6 scenario solo/coop campaign. These products required to play the content of this book: Conan Core Game Conan the Conqueror Mythic Battles Pantheon Mythic Battles Corinthia Mythic Battles Poseidon (game board and ships only) Mythic Battles Hephaestus (game board only) Mythic Battles Thermopylae (game board only) This is available in three formats: 1. Web Version - this is a single PDF file that you can use digitally. The images have been compressed.CONAN_Burning_Heart_of_Ahriman_Web.pdf 2. Self Print - this is a single PDF file that you can print at home or your local print shop. CONAN_Burning_Heart_of_Ahriman_Print.pdf 3. Paperback Edition - this is two PDF files, one for the cover and the second for the interior content that you can send to a print-on-demand service for a paperback book. I will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Lulu, if you choose them as your print-on-demand service. CONAN_Burning_Heart_of_Ahriman_Cover_Lulu.pdf CONAN_Burning_Heart_of_Ahriman_Interior_Lulu.pdf Paperback Printing Instructions for Lulu Since this is a free, fan-made book, I am not morally or legally allowed to set up a print on demand distribution. Which means you will need to set up an account with a print on demand company and upload files for printing (for personal use only). The directions I list below are for the company Lulu, but you are free to use any print on demand company you choose. Note: Some images are low res, and others (like the ships) are scans of cardboard product. The print version will not be as high quality as a professional book, and some images display a box around them. If this bothers you, I recommend not printing the book and playing with the digital version instead. Go to and create an account. Under the CREATE tab, click the PRINT BOOKS option. Click the button START YOUR PRINT BOOK Enter your login credentials In the START YOUR PROJECT section, choose PRINT BOOK In the SELECT YOUR GOAL section, choose PRINT YOUR BOOK. (Do NOT select Publish your book for sale on Amazon. You will get sued. 🙂 ) In the BOOK DETAILS section, enter a project title of your choice. I recommend The Burning Heart of Ahriman. Enter a language and CATEGORY, which is required.. Click the DESIGN YOUR PROJECT button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the Design page In the INTERIOR FILE UPLOAD section, upload the file named “CONAN_Burning_Heart_of_Ahriman_Interior_Lulu.pdf” Wait for the file to upload and normalize. This can take a few minutes. Be patient and get yourself a cold beverage. When the upload finishes, you will see some warnings. Like most warnings in life, feel free to ignore these. In the BOOK SPECIFICATIONS section, the BOOK SIZE AND PAGE COUNT should already be pre-filled at A4 and 20 pages, respectively. In the INTERIOR COLOR section, choose COLOR PREMIUM for the best quality color. In the PAPER TYPE section, choose 80# COATED WHITE for the best paper quality. In the BOOK BINDING section, choose SADDLE STICHED. Feel free to choose a different binding if that floats your boat. In the COVER FINISH section, choose GLOSSY (because who doesn’t like glossy over Matte, right?) Wait a moment for the PRINT COST to load. For me it is $7.22. This is a printing fee for Lulu, and I do not receive a penny of this, nor does Monolith. In the DESIGN YOUR COVER section, make sure the UPLOAD COVER FILE option is selected. Upload the file named “CONAN_Burning_Heart_of_Ahriman_Cover_Lulu.pdf” After a minute, the PREVIEW will load. This preview will give you a basic idea of what the book will be like, but it is just a preview and not super-high quality. When you are ready, click the REVIEW BOOK link at the bottom. This brings you to a page where you can review the final specifications. Click the checkbox next to CONFIRM BOOK SPECIFICATIONS AND FILES Click the ADD TO CART button when it becomes enabled Click the CART icon at the top of the page and make the purchase. The shipping for me was around $5.00, but of course that will vary depending where you are located. (Also keep an eye out for discount codes on the home page.) Feel free to print a copy for yourself or your friends, but DO NOT PRINT COPIES FOR SALE. Note: The book I received from Lulu was not perfect. There was an alignment issue with the binding, there was a scratch on the back cover, the interior margins were tight, and the endsheets were a boring white. Overall, however, I am highly pleased.
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