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  1. They are available free: http://monolithedition.com/download/tomag/fr/ http://monolithedition.com/download/tomag/94eb171a/fr/
  2. Magazine #2 to summarise it contains 54 pages, only p4-29 are worth having, these are 12 Conan scenarios linked in a campaign. All of them I believe are available online for free anyway. So again save your money and don't buy it. Someone, somewhere really needs to up their game.
  3. Has any one else received their copies of the #4 magazine yet? Before I say it's a waste of money and don't buy it. p1-front cover, p2-editorial, p3-summary, p4-p12 Batman character backgrounds, p13-p16 painting tutorial, p17 advert, p18-p23 Batman mission (2 pages) and game aids, p24-p29 Claustrophobia short story and scenario, p30-p37 Mythic Battles sculpting a model in 3D in a computer, p38-p39 Conan scenario, p40-p41 some pictures and that is it. About 8 pages out of 44 that are actually worth anything, 6 for Batman and 2 for Conan.
  4. The Overlord Magazine #2 and #4 have arrived here in the UK.
  5. Fehya

    Temple 3D

    Thanks, are you doing the rocks too?
  6. Fehya

    Temple 3D

    I hope someone prints these off and sells them for reasonable money in the UK, I'd buy one.
  7. Hope these get play tested and translated into English.
  8. Just found out about a second Overlord tome on Facebook. When can we expect to see it in the UK in English language?
  9. Hi, just downloaded this but my machine moans about the font. What did you use and where do I get it? Thanks.
  10. Just give us everything - we'll buy it.
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