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  1. DeimosSK


    time for new gameplay video :D .... some different map/scenario :P
  2. oooooh ,...some riddles be nice ,... not only "kill them all" tacktick
  3. DeimosSK

    Batman stretch goals

    Thank Thank you , ....are they in KS ?
  4. DeimosSK

    Batman stretch goals

    Who is this two heroes ? ...are they in t hero box ( or some exp ? ) Somebody know name of this 2 heroes ?
  5. DeimosSK


  6. DeimosSK


    Hi, can you show us some komix (name) what was your inspirate in this board game, I want to read ,.... :D , get closer, learn something from Bat-world ....
  7. DeimosSK

    Slovak Scenarios

    ye , it was tested ,... when i have more time i translate to ENG ,... :D
  8. Hi , me name is Deimos (like son of Ares, or moon of Mars) I create few scenarios ( and one bigger Campaign ), sorry for me translate, I dont have time for edit text ..... but I work on it :D, We are nice comunity in Slovak Republick (only cca 20-25 people in me town), then i do few Scenarios in me language - sorry all. 164.pdf Perzeus 1.pdf Perzeus 2.pdf Perzeus 3.pdf Perzeus 4.pdf Perzeus 5.pdf Perzeus 6.pdf