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  1. I think there is an error on the first line of the black manta helmet equipment card, which reads "during a ranged attack, grenade level 2." But the grenade skill is only usable during a complex manipulation. I assume that it is supposed to be "during a complex manipulation, grenade level 2." Is that right?
  2. Since the numbers below each mini is the total number of that mini used in the scenario, I a strongly leaning toward 0. In other words each tile that has x3 beneath it has 2 minis on the board and 1 mini in the available pool. That is what I am going with, but I would still appreciate a thumbs up or down.
  3. For Mission 12: The purge, there are 9 villain minis on the board and 4 in the available pool at the start of the game. How many should be in the character pool? 0 or 4? It depends on where the available pool is drawn from the box or the initial character pool, which is not covered by the mission book rules.
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