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  1. The flag icon represent is the command skill. It's show here to make a reminder. So you must select henchmen and or elite for those guys
  2. Hello compared to the season 1 thematically drones. If you took season 2 robin's gang
  3. Hello, you can find the unmodeled version on the BGG website
  4. Hello @Shrek please contact our support tocheck if you've got a good adress, fill correctly the PM...
  5. Hello please contact your HUB or support@monolithedition.com
  6. Hello, when you pay the cost of a tile by energy cubes, you perform an action with each mini of the tile. You must complete the action of a mini before moving on to another. When activated, you can perform 1 move and an action or action and move. The first time you move, you have your free movement bonus. If you want to add more movement on your 1st move or 2nd you have to spend energy cubes per zone crossed.
  7. In this scenario, the hero must launch bombs at specific locations. The villain initiates him cryogenic devices. The oblasts of the villain can pose token that hinder the advance of the hero. The hero can not do anything about these devices.
  8. Hi, we inform you that every Thursday at 21:00 (gmt + 1, Paris), we organize a live on our youtube channel. On the program: focus on each point of the easy to learn, Questions / answers, Strategic advice, maybe some spoil ... In short, it is an opportunity to spend a friendly moment and make a point between us. If you like also puts a blue thumb 🤣 (The previous videos are available on our channel)
  9. Hello, to date, there are only the all-in that have been distributed or on the end. The rest is distributed shortly. cordially
  10. Hello, 1) misfortune and you can reroll the same dice twice 2) and if there is no cube in fatigue zone, you take from an action, otherwise in active zone 3) and the size index of the target is lower or equal to the possessor
  11. when you have 2 villain tiles in your river, you choose the one that you activate then it passes in last position in your river. The principle of having several tiles representing them is that they can activate more times and more quickly
  12. Hello, I'm sorry to learn the problems with your minis. Know that we no use of plastic at a discount. There is no question of cutting corners on quality. Do not hesitate to contact our support.
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