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  1. I've just realised that there was no subject on the english side for the MBP editor, now there is. It's this way : https://www.mythic-scenarios.com/ And by the way, you can now add pictures of weapons, gods, heroes, monsters, etc etc... in the background of your scenarios, just click on the "layout" button when you edit your scenario.
  2. Online scenario editor

    Soooo... I've discovered that Edge user doesn't have access to the rich text editor... And that my Conan scenarios editor doesn't work on Edge at all... I will find a way. :p
  3. Online scenario editor

    Thanks :) But you don't have to apologize, I prefer that the editor work on the most used browsers and (sadly? ) Edge is one of them
  4. Online scenario editor

    Okay, I will test it on Microsoft Edge before reactivating it :) (It's like in the 90's I began to hate Microsoft again )
  5. Online scenario editor

    Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience, I've deactivated the crypto mining, can you tell me if it work now? What browser do you use?
  6. Online scenario editor

    Hello everyone, A small update about the adds and the crypto mining system on the scenario editor. The main goal is to finance, at least in part, the web server, I honestly doubt to earn much more (and if yes, I would send you a postcard from some paradisiac island ) I know that web financing can be a sensitive subject, so it's a testing phase and I would like to have your opinion on the subject : Do targeted ads like that are okay for you? Are not they too invasive? Is it a problem for you to use some of your machine power to mine cryptocurrency? etc., etc... In any case the user keeps control, adblockers block everything and even without that you have the option to disable ads and disable the miner. Whatever happens I am 100% open to debate and suggestions FYI the cryptocurrency is JSE, a currency specifically targeted for mining by javascript, so fully adapted to mining from a website, it is not yet listed on the markets, so it's a bit of a gamble, I can end up with some money or ... with nothing if it crashes in flames like a lot of cryptocurrencies
  7. Online scenario editor

    It's done :)
  8. Online scenario editor

    I will do it soon :) I'll look into it :) It's done! Sorry for the bug :)
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    Done :)
  10. Community Generated Campaign

    Thank you :) And... The editor is back online! Test it and if you find something that doesn't work, just let me know :)
  11. Online scenario editor

    Hi, The editor is back online! Test it and if you find something that doesn't work, just let me know :)
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    The site is under maintenance, somme funny guy try to hack ut, so I have to secure the code a bit more ^^' sorry for the inconvenience it will be back soon. And there was no data loss, so your scenarios are still there :)
  13. Online scenario editor

    Thank you! :) The Mythic Battle editor is back online, I will work on the conan editor tomorow :)
  14. Online scenario editor

    Just to let you know that the site is undergoing maintenance, as someone has tried to hack it. When the security problems are handled the site will be back online :)
  15. Online scenario editor

    Added to the todo list :)