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  1. Community Generated Campaign

    The site is under maintenance, somme funny guy try to hack ut, so I have to secure the code a bit more ^^' sorry for the inconvenience it will be back soon. And there was no data loss, so your scenarios are still there :)
  2. Online scenario editor

    Thank you! :) The Mythic Battle editor is back online, I will work on the conan editor tomorow :)
  3. Online scenario editor

    Just to let you know that the site is undergoing maintenance, as someone has tried to hack it. When the security problems are handled the site will be back online :)
  4. Online scenario editor

    Added to the todo list :)
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    Hi, I'm the webmaster of Conan-scenarios.com, sorry to hear you lose your work. Can you tell me what do you do exactly and when is the option of saving is not allowed? The session time is the standard : 30 minutes. But if you're disconnected, it will ask you for your crédentials before saving. I've just tested to disonnect my session before saving and the editor ask for my credential, then save correctly so I'm a little puzzled of how the glitch happend. Thanks for your help :)
  6. Online scenario editor

    Sorry no, because the images are on also of a fixed width and height so it will be too small ^^' But i will do it soon, don't worry :)
  7. Online scenario editor

    Hello, About the planks, it's tricky and I have to take time to do it, all the tokens are pictures in a square, same width same height, and it's ingrained in the code. So I have to modify the code in all the editor to insert the planks where the width is not the same as the height :) About the multiples maps it's on the todo list since the begining, I will do it some day :D
  8. Online scenario editor

    Done and done :D The file was misnamed "borrors.png" :p
  9. Online scenario editor

    Done :)
  10. Online scenario editor

    Warp transit completed. The tiles and pawn are available :) Sorry for the delay
  11. Online scenario editor

    No you're right, there's no re-rollable dice in the pictograms available I'll add them soon :)
  12. Online scenario editor

    Okay, sorry, the afternoon was lost in warp transit. I'll do it soon. really this time.
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    Oh... Thanks :)
  14. Online scenario editor

    Thank you so much, it really matter to me that the tool is appreciated by the community :) And I'm always open to suggestions, but I can't add this one to the todo list (because it's already on it. )
  15. Online scenario editor

    Hi! The map is available, but I still have to add the planks :) (If you're the one who sent the mail sorry I didn't answer you, I've some problem with my mailbox ^^' )